Strictly Come Dancing 2019

A new direction for some of us perhaps ?

Share your views about the quality of the dancing. Or perhaps the performance of the judges.

What’s your opinion about the scoring system; judges’ votes v viewers’ votes and the consequences !

Do you concentrate more on the costumes and charisma, or remain focused on technical aspects of the dance steps ?

Does the drama associated with the revelation of the weekly losers excite you, or should they just “get on with it !”

And who do you consider will win this year?

PS. By all means discuss with your other half before posting your latest thoughts …

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I admire your courage starting a thread on SCD! People seem to either love or loathe the programme.

To lend my support as a family we enjoy the show. We’ve met quite a few of the professionals and some of the past contestants. They are all genuinely nice people and the show is surprisingly authentic.

Our liking of the show arises from our daughter Hannah (15) who does ballroom and Latin dancing so the interest is wider than the programme. Whilst she doesn’t compete she has been taught to an excellent standard and is a pleasure to watch. We frequently cruise where dances are hosted and she draws quite a crowd when dancing with a professional.

The technical side therefore interests us as we’re used to seeing it done pretty much right. The judges are pretty authentic with their comments, Hannah will often comment about a right shoulder, an elbow position, free arm or heel lead only to hear Craig or Shirley say exactly the same. A good dancer is just like a good musician, it’s not enough to get the steps (or notes) in the right order, there’s more artistry than that.

There’s a bit of nonsense said about leading, none of the male celebrities lead as they are doing a pre-set staged routine. Leading happens when the man determines the next move in the dance and the lady follows. You will see this in social dancing and it’s how two competent people can dance together for the first time and make it look like they have been dancing together for years.

Sometimes the enthusiasm on the programme may seem contrived, all this love of dancing and the journey etc but living with somebody who has that passion its’s easily at the same level as our passion for listening to music. It brings joy to her just as listening to music does for us and she couldn’t imagine her life without it so the fact that people genuinely fall in love with dance doesn’t surprise.

A shout out for the band though, we went to a show a few years ago, sold as a Strictly dance and music show. Well there was more music than dance and featured the band and singers from the show (Dave Arch etc.). They were outstanding, especially Tommy Blaize who is an excellent soul/jazz/pop singer. They do seem to be capable of playing a huge variety of music live to a very good standard.

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To my mind the show is entertainment not a dancing contest. It just seems so contrived with scripted critiques and pantomime character personas.

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Strictly is a sweet confection that is surprisingly moreish.
They always have some crumpets that you would think are natural but turn out to have two left feet.
I was surprised with Rachel Riley and Naga Munchetty when they were on.

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Just thought i would let people know that i have once again…turned them down, sorry to disappoint my fans hoping to see me wipe the floor with the opposition.:wink:

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Typical Saturday night dross. Apart from some sport (that which Sky etc. haven’t nicked), the weekends are pretty bereft of anything other than reality tv shows, game shows and so called talent shows until Sunday evening when, if we’re lucky, there may be a half decent bit of drama.

Thank heavens for music and Naim!

Nice easy Saturday night telly if we’re in - I quite enjoy it. Record it, fast forward through the crappy bits. Nothing to get too up tight about. At least it’s not got Danny Dyer (in any capacity) in it yet…

We watch it and after what, ten years (?), we’ve become quite the armchair experts.

It’s like a weekly panto up to Christmas with excellent production standards and interesting to see talent and skills develop. Among some at least.

The little Winkel can be quite entertaining too.

Nice post Tricky,

Mrs D enjoys many aspect of the programme and I find it somewhat relaxing and entertaining.

Mrs D learned to dance at the Peggy Spencer School of Dancing many moons ago and she still enjoys dancing and watching dancing. I try to appear interested. On a cruise a few years back, she was most upset when I agreed to accompany her in a Line Dancing competition (it was one of those Sea Days on the way to Alaska) and I actually won the competition. she didn’t feature in the first three !

For my part, I had been a member of the chorus (dancing and singing) for a few years in an amateur operatic society in Durham, covering Brigadoon, Oklahoma and a few other light musical shows. Then in the early 70’s appeared in the chorus lines in the East End (no, not the West End, the East End of London), somewhere in Holborn, again with an amateur society.

But, to be clear, I only watch Strictly in support of Mrs D, but as I said above, it is light-hearted, and enjoyable entertainment, especially Bruno and Craig !

Of all the resident dancers this year, Oti Mabuse is by far the strongest. Her partner that Emmerdale chap kelvin Fletcher also looks the strongest, my bet is with him to win.

No chance - the accusations of Nepotism, however ill-founded - would be too controversial. Unless that’s the whole idea…?

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Very true I’m finding that I am watching less TV these days and listening to music much more particularly at nighttime something I rarely did a couple of years ago.

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