Strictly Hypothetically...555PSDR or 300DR?

On tablette signature speakers ? Really?

@GraemeH that one was an easy one for me as my NDX is not my main source

i went 200 to 300 non DR and then DR, one of our friends on here @Toon has just moved from 252/250DR to 252/300DR - he may well offer his thoughts

for me the 300DR is one of the finest ££ for ££ NAP in the NAIM range

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it’s not the answer you are looking for, but I would arrange a demo of the new KEF LS50 Meta.

May make them grow! :joy:

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You might at least want to consider the D2R or D20R if not for the K1, although these are somewhat invasive again and require distance from walls.

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Speakers fit the room in lots of ways and are going nowhere but thanks for the suggestions.

A Fraim or other such stand would not work in what is our living room so it really was, hypothetically, a shoot-out between 300 or 555PS.

I conclude from the replies that my ‘happy place’ is well and truly reached.




A 300DR is an incredible upgrade over a 250DR, or at least t was for me.

Whether the Tablets will respond in the same way is anyone’s guess but there is something rather special about highly capable small speakers being given the best from a top rate source and amplifier. If we think back to the good old days a fully loaded LP12 with 32/HiCap/135’s would blow most people away, even today.

The only thing is an amplifier of that capability really demands a better source, so I would probably say 555 first. I’ve not compared XPS DR v 555DR on an NDX2 but on an NDS the difference was monumental.

The trouble is if you do this, there’s then a conversation to be had on a further upgrade between ND555 or NAP 300DR and the same answer could prevail again!


A 300 driving speakers that don’t strictly ‘need’ such an amp to drive them is an interesting idea. A few have found that a 300 puts too much bass into the room, and prefer to stick with a 250, but the chances of that must be low with small speakers like the Tab 10.
When I ran my little Kudos X2s with a 300 it was impressive how it really grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and controlled them.


I ran n-Sats with a 300 and they responded well. I’m sure the 300 would have benefited from better speakers but as these worked so well in my room it made sense.

I wonder (hypothetically) where Graeme will end up next…


Option 1 since you are happy with the speakers. I went through the upgrade path of 250-300-500, the 300 was not a big difference maker in my system. It’s hard to go wrong with a 555ps.

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There are times when it’s best just to decide for yourself, and of course being able to determine when it’s one of those times. Everyone has their own opinion and often it’s best just to mull things over for a while.

I recently swapped from 272/555, 300 and SL2s to NDX2/555, SN3 and ProAcs. I also ditched all my powerlines, the mains block and the Super Lumina leads. I deduced what to do and bought all the new bits, then sold the old bits. Imagine the chaos if I’d started a thread asking what I should do in that scenario. It’s often best just to present it as a fait accompli.

What I do know now that I didn’t know before is that the NDX2/555 is a hell of a good source.


Graeme it sounds like you’ve hit a real sweet spot with your current system, that’s a nice place to be so I’d leave well alone! Incidentally I’m listening right now to my SN3/bare NDX2 driving my little Rogers LS1’s, they’re not even on stands but propped up on empty wine glass boxes on the floor beside my spendors and they’re just magic. Mini monitors being gripped by a good amp makes for a very compelling listen. In the new year I’m going to check out the newish Spendor 4/5 as I’m really quite taken with these LS3 type derivatives.

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One box alternative to NDX2/555DR may be the Bartok. Have you thought outside the (Naim) box?

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If you enjoy your system be careful when making changes.

A 555DR should be a “safe” improvement. The 300DR is harder to setup with its burndies as has been pointed out . And at the 250DR is a very good amp as it is,

My speakers are not much larger than the Proacs (Devore 3XL) and responded very well going from 135’s to a 300DR. I an not even sure there is a connection between speaker size/price and amp quality.

Graeme, I would leave everything well alone ( as you don’t want Fraim) and maybe look for a case of moorish wine in stead. :+1:t3: Happy Christmas Peter


Now that, Peter, is very sound advice.


All I can say of any relevance here is that the 250DR is one helluva amp and the PS555DR transformed my NDS. This of corse is not exactly in the context of the choice you are contemplating but you can probably see where I am going with this.

I will confess, I have only truly heard the ultimate capability of my 250DR since adding a ND555 and 552. That may seem ridiculous, but the 250DR clearly showed how superior this streamer and pre amp are. I will admit I have never heard a 300DR in my system, but I have no great urge to.

Further upgrades will always be limited by what they sit on and I know you don’t want Fraim. There are other excellent racks however.

On balance however, as you seem very happy with what you have, I would stick, enjoy your system over Christmas, and think again in the New Year.


Thanks @NigelB


Graeme, I cannot really help you choose as I don’t do streaming so have no direct experience with NDX2, but I can assure you that the upgrade from 250DR to 300DR on quality speakers (in my case Harbeths) is anything but subtle.

That said, that kind of dilemma can probably resolved in one night of home demo if it can be arranged.


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As @NigelB said, the 555PS makes a massive difference. 7 years ago when I was demoing my NDS I had an XP5XS on my ND5XS. The dealer suggested starting the demo with that powering the NDS and then moving onto a 555PS. The logic behind this was, I was going to buy the NDS first and then move to a 555PS later.

There were 3 of us in the demo and jaws hit the floor when the XP5XS was replaced with a cold 555PS. Even the dealer was surprised by the difference. He later said it was the best demo he’d done to show the difference a PS could make. So, I’m a PS convert.