Stuck a Linear Power Supply on My Switch - Blimey! 😱

Assuming this is in a cabinet / cupboard, looks like it could get fairly warm in there, seeing the Naim kit stacked like that.


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The Bonn N8 is in a heavy clamp. It becomes much more stable and in addition the lights are facing down and become unobtrusive.

Thank you for the tip @GraemeH.

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Very satisfied.

Now powering the Bonn N8. Later on I will try it on the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro that provides Roon.

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No problem at the moment, but I will keep an eye on it. Thank you very much.

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Just as a side-note to my adventures with the Chord ground array in my router. I thought this might be useful…

I’ve been having issues with my brand new one not sounding as good as the demo version that I’d borrowed. Initially I put it down to burn in but after two weeks it had made little to no progress and had even less impact - except on my wallet!

I was talking to my dealer about bringing it back. Then last night I remembered that I’d played around with its position in the router, so swapped it into a different slot. Hey presto instant change! In fact massive change. What’s odd is that I’d used the same slot I used for the demo array, which worked really well. My new one didn’t seem to like this slot but worked in the one next to it that, for some reason, hadn’t worked previously. I’ve no idea what’s going on. Your guess is as good as mine but worth noting if anyone is trying this and not hearing any effect.


That’s really curious. I recall you have a BT SH2, which I have also. I admit I just plugged it into a port without much thought. Same with the one in the EE8. Only thing is I made sure to plug it in so that it didn’t touch any cables since Chord warn against this.

My curiosity did make me wonder whether they might sound better in different ports but it all sounds so good that I just haven’t bothered experimenting - maybe just as well! Even after this length of time I’m sure burn-in is still occurring as from time to time I notice an incremental increase in performance. It just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for the heads-up on this. If you notice anything else of interest do report back and I’ll do the same.

One thing that occurs to me. Did you power down your router when trying different slots? just wondering if powering down/up could somehow change the port preference. I have absolutely zero idea of why this should be. But if that were the case then it’s possible that if I ever power down my router then I might need to experiment with moving the GA to a different slot - depending on how it sounds!

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice…!

Very odd! No, I’ve not been powering down the router, so nothing strange there. Just wondering if the pin configuration in the array may be different, not wrong but some sort of a phase thing? There’s a fair bit of weight in the array so it could be a contact or fit thing? The only consistency was that when they weren’t working properly they both sounded very similar with a sort of edgy, almost congested effect on the music. Removing the array and this instantly disappeared and sounded better without it. When it works the effect is pretty big. The whole image widens with everything becoming richer, sweeter and much more dramatic. The quietness between notes becomes very noticeable and the pace of the music seems to drag you into the performance much more. Obviously, if things sound like this it must be in the right slot. If not it’s worth switching things around.

My understanding is that it’s only the signal ground that the array connects to - so presumably the remaining pins on the connector are just dead. I could be wrong about that though.

Yes they are indeed quite heavy. In fact it tilts my router back on its feet slightly so that the end of the array tube is actually resting against the support surface.

Chord do say that it shouldn’t be in contact with anything but as I say it all sounds so good that I’m loathe to mess with anything!

After some hesitation I have purchased a Farad 3 power supply (incl fuse purple and level 2 copper cable) for my EE8 switch last week.

I have to admit that this is one of the best upgrades I have ever done! It takes my NSS 333 to a much higher level.


Great choice! I have the same configuration. It does take a little burn-in but it sounds amazing from the get-go.


After a couple of days of listening the SQ becomes even better and better. This is certainly a must have upgrade for the EE8. Best investment in years :laughing:


Yup. The naysayers are absolutely ……! Enjoy👍


I have upgraded all my fuses to SR purple ones (along with new mains cables) and I have to say they have had a really impressive impact.


Hi Xanthe

I have an iFi iPower charger that outputs 12V 1.8A.

Is this the iPower charger I could use with the Netgear Switch you mention working in low power mode?


As long as the 1.8A rating is enough it should be OK. (I would hazard a guess that the orgy of aftermarket power supply purchases we’ve seen here recently has led to a few mismatches!)

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Just out of curiosity, which ethernet cable do you use between the EE8 and your streamer?

I use the Chord Signature which I found on eBay for a decent price. Out of curiosity how do you like your Furutech e-tp609E?

Chord signature is also on my wishlist. Currently I am using the Neotech Neet-1008 ethernet cable, but I am sure the Chord Signature is even better.

With respect to the Furutech TP-609e I am very satisfied with this power block. I have it now for more than 2 years and the 300 NC set runs really good on it. Before the Furutech I had some other blocks which included filtering (e.g. Audioquest Niagara), but my experience is that Naim sets run best on unfiltered blocks.


Thanks Daan-1975. A few of us in the Furutech thread have been interested in this PowerBlock.