Stuck In The Middle With You

At the end of a dull day this brought a smile to my face.


Beautiful, very pretty too …

Is the guy with the headphones half off, making an ironic film reference? :scream:

Nice one…enjoyed that

Enjoyed listening to her other video clips, so ordered a cd, many thanks

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That’s a nice way of finding music. I was looking for the guitar tab for Stuck in the Middle when I found this clip. It’s quite a simple song mostly on D to G7. But like all things it’s the combination of the bass that makes the song.

Just love the way this clip has a Partridge Family feel and the guy on the boom box playing the tambourine with his left foot. There is a lot of great music out there but somehow there is a feel good factor here that hits the spot.


Thanks Andy, I really enjoyed that.

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Can you post a link (primarily for the CD), please?

I ordered Rerun city by Reina Del Cid on Amazon uk, their price was over £20, but on the same page was a link to a storefront in Florida £9.24 plus £1.26 postage. CD,s don,t get import duty tax. So worth a punt.

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