Stuck on Airplay input

A few weeks ago I disabled the Airplay input as my daughter has a HomePod upstairs and I didn’t want her inadvertently blasting her music through my Nova on the same network.

I have done a factory reset and reinstalled firmware this week due to a display issue.

Last night I listened to a classical concert on the TV and used Airplay from AppleTV to send the audio to the Nova, along with a few programmes after this - I disabled the Nova as an Airplay output later on in the evening.

This morning the Naim app suggested a Netflix title was being Airplayed to it. It wasn’t and it was episode 1 of 3 consecutive ones I watched last night - as noted I’d disabled the Nova as an Airplay output from AppleTV.

I tried to play something via Roon on the Mac Mini - got an error saying the device would not release playback resources or something.

The Naim app would not allow me to play anything from the NAS or play internet radio.

Quit the Naim app, and restrated. Used app and front panel to set the Nova to standby/restarted. Unplugged/replugged ethernet. Disabled Airplay in the Naim app and put Nova in standby and restarted.

Despite these steps the Naim app still showed the Netflix show ‘now playing’ - it wasn’t playing at all (icons suggested I could pause but that made no difference).

In the end I had to power the Nova down holding the front panel button power button for several seconds, and restarted the Nova which ‘rebooted’.

The Naim app then cleared ‘now playing’ and allowed me to play from the NAS.

Interestingly in the past I’d never really had any trouble at all changing or over-riding the existing input for streaming audio, so I could be Chromecasting from iPhone, then change to playing from Roon or Airplay without the streaming input getting stuck.

This may be a one off, but a little frustrating.

Drat, thought I’d posted in Streaming Audio.

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