Stupid question? Can a MuSo 2 serve as a speaker from an amp with HDMI?

I am not sure is this is a stupid question or not, but I wondered if a MuSo 2 can serve as an additional wired speaker for an amp with an HDMI port. My speakers are going in for repair and although I could happily use the MuSo 2 as a temporary substitute I wondered what might happen if I ran and HDMI cable from my Nova to the MuSo 2. I don’t want to risk doing it and I’m not sure why I’d want to do it, but it just got me curious.

Won’t work: the HDMI ports on Uniti/MuSo are input only.
Aside, they are also „HMDI-ARC“, which you will typically find in TVs to connect an external audio amplifier/speaker setup. Pretty specific use case.
(Not sure, if there’s AV-amps out there, which might offer this as well; but most other devices have just HDMI, which you cannot connect to Uniti/MuSo in any (direct) way.)

You should be able to multi-room between those devices…

If you really want to try it, you could use the preamp output on the Nova to feed the analogue input on the Muso. There is no digital option (HDMI or otherwise) but even if there was, an analogue connection should sound better as you would be using the better streamer and DAC in the Nova.

Thank you. Kind of what I suspected :slight_smile:

Thanks. Doesn’t seem to be worth it though!

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