Stylus Cleaning?

I have never cleaned the stylus of my cartridge (10x5) but always ensure I clean my records with my vacuum cleaner and store them in decent anti-static sleeves.

I seem to recall being advised many many years ago not to clean the stylus especially not with fluids but generally to leave alone. However, I’ve been wondering more recently whether this is the right approach and whether my stylus might benefit from appropriate cleaning.

So my question is do you clean your stylus, how often and what do you recommend for cleaning?


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I clean the stylus every now and then. I use a little discwasher brush for just cleaning any fluff or other obvious crud, and then every few weeks or so I give the AT637 electronic stylus cleaner a quick go.

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I check the stylus condition with a Lupe before deciding to clean it. Light fluff is easily removed with the Dynavector brush, stuck on fluff gets removed with a Vinyl Passion Dustbuster and then of course good old Linn Green Stuff.

The AT637 gets a run every few weeks or so.

I use Onzow Zero Dust Stylus Cleaner. Very effective and cheap option.

I use VP DustBuster - basically a pot of stiff goo. I also still have my AT vibrating stylus cleaner which works a treat. I could never bring myself to use Linn’s green sandpaper!

Thanks all…

Amazing how that AT637 has stood the test of time, still demanding a good price second hand, must be very good. The Vinyl Passion Dustbuster looks interesting similar to the Onzow Zero but cheaper by the looks of things. I’ve heard the Onzow is very good too.

Anyway I’ve just dug out the box for my 10x5 and retrieved the brush and some green paper! I’ve cleaned the stylus, not sure I can tell any difference, maybe. However, also realised my cartridge is 7 years old last week:frowning_face:

Having said that not sure how many hours it’s had, I’m certainly using it more these days but it had little use in the early days. Maybe an upgrade on the cards later in year.

Thanks again

I still use an AT637, occasionally Linn green stuff, or sometimes Lyra SPT. I’ve found that since acquiring an ultrasonic RCM, however, the stylus on my Klyde needs far less cleaning than it used to.

Dynavector doesn’t recommend use of ultrasonic cleaners and for that reason I don’t use mine on my 20X2L just a light brush with the Dyna stylus brush and spec savers alcohol free lend cleaner.

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