SU firmware upgrade


I am trying to upgrade firmware on my SU by Naim streamer updater 4.08, but no success so far. Laptop and SU are connected together via USB cable, laptop and SU are connected by lan cables to the same router.

the result is allways product model not recognized, network address not recognised, retry. again and again

can somebody help, please ?


Have you installed the correct USB driver on your computer?

Do you have the instructions that come as a pdf with the update when you download it? Follow these to the letter and you’re usually OK.

Hello Chriss,

I installed driver as per instructions

no success so far

What you have to do is to connect the SU up and turn it on before you start up the updater program. You can’t have the updater running, then connect the SU and then try to move the update on to the next stage.

So don’t select the updater program at all, it mustn’t be even thinking about running (!) until after everything is connected and switched on.

succes .)))

I just do not understand the final message


what to reinstall to the system ?

I think that just means “check it works ok” when you put it back where it normally lives and connected as it is normally connected in inexperienced software-writer language. But I must say I don’t remember seeing it before, even though I have run this updater many times. But then I usually ignore the fluffy stuff!

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