Sub high level connection to Unity nova

there are so many opinions connecting a sub using high level connection to naim… looking for real life experience connecting a REL sub to unity nova using the specs connection… Pros and cons VS using the dedicated RCA sub connection??
anyone has any success stories??

Hi, which model of Rel sub are you considering? For low level connections make sure you get one that has a stereo 2 x RCA socket input.
For high level input Rel always use a Neutrik connector. My advice would be to first determine the final position of the sub relative to the Nova and speakers. It’s important to get this right if you want the sub to work well. Then decide how best to route the cables and buy one of a suitable length.
As long as you choose the correct cable it’s perfectly possible to connect the sub to either the amp or the speakers. Rel explain all this on their website, although it does take a bit of digging to find it and it can be a little confusing if it’s all new to you.

Its a S/510, so it has a stereo RCA connection that I’m using now. the million dollar ? is what is the right cable for Naim and are the Unity as sensitive to speaker cables as the “old” Naims?? its strange to me that there are so many recommendations against connecting the high level to name when at the same time there are Naim “approved” high level cables being sold?? so is this one ok to use at the amp ens or is the recommendation to strip the cable and connect to the speakers or simply to stay out of the high level conectivity business and be happy with the RCA connection…

Hi nikola, I’m in a similar situation to yourself. I’ve just received a REL T5x, and would really like to connect it via my Nait 5si speaker outputs using stackable bananas, as its far less messy than splitting the Neutrik cable which comes with the sub.

I have split the sheathing on the cable to separate out the 3 individual wires, and have connected them to my speaker’s terminals. It works fine, but it looks god awful.

I’d like to know if my Nait 5si could potentially suffer damage if I connected a Neutrik cable via the amps speaker outs instead.

I don’t want to pay the £400+ for the REL/Naim Blue Line or whatever its called available from REL, so would a generic Neutrik cable be safe?

If you connect at the speaker end you need to split the outer sheath of the cable so that you can run the cables to the two speakers.
If you connect at the amp end it’s best to use a specially adapted cable designed for compatibility with Naim amps. The Rel version of this is their rather expensive Bassline Blue cable. Fortunately there is a much cheaper version made by a cable supplier called Designacable which is what I would suggest you use if you don’t fancy blowing £500 on the Rel one.

Thanks Chris, yeah, not wanting to spend nearly as much on the REL cable as I did for the Sub itself. I’ve seen that Designacable version at quarter of the price.

I just wasn’t sure to take the plunge as I’ve read you shouldn’t connect at the amp speaker outputs on Naim amps, but I think the newer Naim gear like the 5si are OK in this regard?

The Unitis and integrated amps are less susceptible to out of spec cables than the separate power amps, but still not completely immune.
I’m pretty sure that if you are using Naim speaker cable you would get away with using the supplied Rel Neutrik cable at the amp end, but the Naim specific Bassline Blue (or Designacable version) is designed to eliminate this issue, and the whole point of it is to allow you to connect it at the amp end instead of the speaker end without affecting performance.

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Thanks Chris, I feel more assured I’ll be ok withe the Designacable. Only other thing, I’m using 5m runs of Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker cables, not NACA5. Never any issues as far as I can tell; the 5si is barely warm while in use

is there really that much difference between the RCA low level connection and the High Level connection in terms of sound and dynamics?

I think that will always depend on which amp, sub and speakers are used. For me there was a small but noticeable improvement using a high level connection between a Superuniti and a Naim sub.

OK thanks Chris, I have a single RCA into the right preamp connection at the moment but awaiting on delivery of a y adaptor so I can connect to both last and right at the preamp end. I was even thinking of also connecting the hi level in as well (after guidance from the shop salesman)but after reading the REL guidance they very much dissuade you from doing this as it can be harmful to the REL circuitry.

Are you sure about that? I don’t know which Rel sub you have, but their general recommendation is to use the high level connection wherever possible.
Their setup guides are a little confusing, especially when used with Naim amps, but that is certainly the connection I would use where possible.

Hi Chris apologies as I don’t think I made it clear.
The guy in the shop where I purchased the sub from was saying it’s often better to use the Hi level AND the low level input at the same time. I wasn’t sure on this and so after a bit of research REL makes it clear this must not be done (unless you are using the .1 from AV)it should be one or the other with a preference for Hi level.
For the moment I have actually gone down the route of using a low level single RCA connector to the sub and at the Naim Star end I have connected to the Pre Amp out connection. I was using just a single connection into the red right hand RCA but I now have a Y cable that connects to both L&R at the pre amp out connection and that delivers a single mixed L&R connection along to the sub T7x. Initial testing last night seemed to work quite well and so for now I will probably leave out the Hi Level connector. If I decide to change at a later date I see you can buy the special ‘Blue’ cable attenuated for Naim amps, (£500 from REL but £82 from third party).:+1:t3:

I’ve no idea what the guy in the shop means by that!?

If you’re happy with the low level connection, fine. If you can be bothered to try the high level I would expect it to work a bit better, although that Bassline Blue is expensive so I would probably go for the cheaper version. Of course there are also practical considerations regarding the cable runs which may make one or other option preferable.

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