A good few members seem to have subwoofers, more so I’d say than own active speakers driven by Naim amps. The UQ2 and original Uniti both offered a 100Hz high pass filter to help with sub integration particularly with small speakers.

Just wondering if naim would ever offer a box that would do this, perhaps at lower crossover frequency? Ideally something analogue. Maybe call it a Sub-NAXO or similar?

I’m thinking preamp to Sub-NAXO, then low level to sub and HIgh-pass sent onwards to choice of NAP.

Or could Naim factory modify / configure a NAXO box to do this?

Just plug your sub to the Hicap or the Supercap which power your Naxo, it works well (i have done that to test a SUB on my active system).
I am currently using a SUB plug into my Hicap in my other system, you just need a special cable to do that.

I meant basically a NAXO-type device as a sub-crossover for otherwise passive speakers. E.g. to filter out 70Hz and below from speakers like P3ESR’s. (Also I need to go and read up on the external PSUs as I know nothing about them :wink: )

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