Sub woofer

What way is a sub woofer connected I never used one it might be an option later on if I move room.

You can either take a low level feed from a preamp output, Or a high level feed from,th speaker output of you amp.
I’ve got one set at 45Hz which is 10hz above my speakers bottom end.

OK thanks.

Do you need a sub with Sopra?

Yes, if done correctly a profound can made to the overall performance.

What subwoofer will you be/are using please?

Focal SW 1000.

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Contrary to what was advised above, you should take a high level connection from the back of the speakers, not from the amplifier. That means connecting to both speakers to get bass from both channels. If you take a low level signal you connect to your Supercap. It needs to be a special sub lead, incorporating appropriate resistors so that the Supercap can feed a long lead correctly.

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I agree with hungryHalibuts comments having tried to connect a REL 7 to a 200/202 combo a few months ago. Naim preamps don’t like subwoofer connects and a humming disjointed sound emanates from the speakers. After trialling different wire connections to the pre I listened to the wisdom of the others on this site including his and connected directly to the speakers (KEF LS50) it worked properly immediately. Gets a bit messy with all the wires running all over the place but save yourself hours of research and do this - only solution with many Naim amps. Good Luck.

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Recently I connected a Hicap’s din4 output to a SW1000 (2 rca) and it worked great. No Hum.
The HC was driving a 282 and delivering also to a nap250DR.

REL recommends to connect to the amplifier output, not the speaker.
At home, this is how I use my 250-2 into a REL Stentor and it works great.

OK thanks my new room is L shape so bass power is down a bit so I could try move speaker back toward front wall or bring them out further than the 50 inches where they lie at present. I am not sure if a sub be any benefit with this shape room anyway but it’s not horrible.

I used Sopra 2 for a few years. I set the Stentor at 35Hz. Worked well for me.


SuperCap DR > Single 4 pin din > 2 x RCA cable > SW 1000

It is 100% correct that REL says connect to the pre amp
but it’s also 100% correct to say that Naim advises not to connect to the pre amp - connect to the speakers. Naim technical is unambiguous about this recommendation so I wouldn’t mess around with potentially harming the pre. It’s something to do with the way naim structures theIr amps which REL products don’t always suit. I’ve added the REL via the speakers and it works but I found really careful tuning of the REL in with the crossover dial on the back was crucial to avoid sloppy bass. It’s less significant on orchestral Jazz etc but vocal needed attention. Good luck

It also depends on the type of sub, and what you are connecting it to. I used a JL Audio Fathom 112 with a SN2, and it worked great. I connected the L +R sub out of the SN2 to the L +R on the JL. Rel subs are different, and should be connected to the speakers.

REL says connect to the POWER amp.
I described two systems related to your installation. And both worked great.
It sounds like you need help - speak to your naim dealer.
Luck isn’t needed. This is what I do this for a living.

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OK thank i will contact naim for more advice.

I’ve got. MJ Acoustics connected to the speaker outputs on the amp and its fine. Been like this for 2 years and no problems.

That was exactly what I did many years ago, I still have the Naim 5m-long sub lead to this day.
Maybe I did not know how to manage the subwoofer properly, but it never sounded good to my ears.
Removing the subwoofer brought back my sanity.