Subscription software is annoying!

Roon - Haven’t used it for a few weeks and it seems I’m logged out, what a bloody faff as I’m up to date on my subs.

Audirvana Studio - similar, often you get logged out and it’s a royal pain.

Same for Tidal, Qobuz, Apple stuff.


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I assume the Roon Core has been online in the past 4 weeks? With all the other stuff having the same issue, it points to a network problem (sorry). Have you recently been trying to lock things down in the network?

Whilst I haven’t had your problems - I have a rooted fundamental dislike of the subscription model, and therefore don’t subscribe to any software other than anti-virus on my PC, that one subscription purely because by its very nature it has to be up-to-date. Your experience does nothing to make me think subscription is good!

It’s an old MacMini running Roon, and quite possible the software had not been used for weeks or longer - why should it log out after 4 weeks anyway if a new installation of a single licence would require authentication details?

There’s the issue - if I’ve not used it in weeks it’s not a day to day necessity for audio playback…I’ve never been convinced of the audio quality either.

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Roon needs to be able to ping the server once within 4 weeks, if it can’t do that it shuts down. That doesn’t mean that it has to play music during that time, though, and my understanding is that as soon as it gets the ping it starts working again.

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I get it in theory but as an end-user it’s an utter faff assuming I’ve not tried to use Roon on another computer.

It’s annoying, but what can you do. (Everyone who is using licensed data or metadata most likely has contractual obligations that extend way beyond their own choices and preferences).

In any case, I don’t know if you should get logged out (seems odd) and AFAICT it should all restart automatically if it can get the server ping. Maybe there’s something else going on

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I have found Roon needed to be reactivated after a long period of none use, I was on holiday for an extended period. Roon is a wonderful interface and experience, I have a DSD 256 compatible DAC, red book CD rips sounds so much better.

Ah OK, I didn’t know that :+1:

I use Roon on a laptop so it’s often shut down. Sometimes it’s used several times a day, others it might be shut down for a few weeks. I’ve never had to log back in after a period of non-use. The same with Qobuz.

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