Subwoofer advice for bowers 805d3

Hi all, looking for advise on a sub to match bowers wilkins 805D3 paired with naim nova . Looking for something that blends as perfect as possible as opposed to adding lots of unwanted bass / boom .
Many thanks .

Hi @Clive1.

So, I think the thing would be to look into the SVS range or, better if the budget allows, the JL Audio range.

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Hi Clive,

I would recommend the BK XXLS-400DF. If you phone them when you order they can move the xover frequency is needed, and they added an auto cutoff for me too, gratis. This is a sealed unit sub and is quick. I have it plumbed into the Hi interface from the speaker terminals. Worked a treat with my Focal 1008be and now with my SBLs.

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Hi Clive - I’ve found a perfect solution to this, as I have the B&W 805D3 on my AV system, and have paired it with the B&W DB3D subwoofer. This is recommended by B&W for pairing with the 805D3 (and 804D3);

There is an excellent App for setting up the DB3D, including auto set up of Dynamic EQ and Room EQ “to ensure a precise sound for music and movies”.

ATB. George.

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Thanks George , that’s extremely helpful.

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