Subwoofer and NAC82


First of all, I know the subwoofer option has been discussed in different threads. I am sorry if this looks like an erase and rewind topic. I couldn’t find the answere to my question in previous threads so I started a new one.

I see you guys are talking about «high level from the speaker terminals». That looks like a completely new way of hooking up a sub as I’ve only used sub out from Nait XS (and from different AV recievers som years ago). Can you please explain how this works exactly?

REL, for example has the Speakon input. Do I simply use a random speaker cable without terminals, and fix them to this input? And then fix them to one of the Dynaudio speakers on the other end? I use terminaled NACA5, so it «looks» weird to me. But I wouldn’t know.



One thing to get out of the way. With an 82 you really really want a Hicap. If you had one you could run the sub from one of its unused outputs. You’d need a special sub lead with appropriate resistor, which Naim could advise on.

If you want to use the high level input you need to split the real cable to reveal the three wires inside. Or you could get a bespoke wire made up. Connect the red and black wires to the back of one speaker (not the amplifier) and the yellow wire to the other. You must connect to both or you will only get bass from one channel.

Hi HH, not wanting to ‘steal the thread’, but I’m currently running a sub from my Flatcap xs power supply (waiting for a preloved hicap dr to be available) - you mentioned a resistor in the sub lead; could you, if I need one, elaborate please, don’t want to be causing any damage to my kit :blush::blush:

Hi Hungry,

Thanks. Ok, it seems like the psu option is the better one.

One question to follow up, if you don’t mind:

I have a Flatcap 2 in use now, but it only powers up the Stageline N. I guess that is out the question when being used this way?

(Yes i will be on the lookout for a psu for the 82. But from what I read it seems like I should wait for a preloved olive SuperCap rather than one single olive HiCap? I was offered a Teddy Dualcap wich should be the equivavlent of 2 x HiCaps and a NAPSC, but I am really hesitant when it comes to adding alternative items to the electronics chain. So i declined even though the price was pretty decent.)

You can power the 82 with a Flatcap but it’s probably no better than what you are getting from the 200.

Sorry, I forgot about your other HC/SC dilemma. But at least you know know how to connect your rel to the speakers!

It’s about Naim power supply and sub outputs not being particularly happy driving long leads. I’m not at all technical but I do no that the leads should be ‘slugged’ with a resistor to ensure everything is nice and stable. @NeilS should hopefully be able to explain properly. Thanks Neil.

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FWIW, I run my 82 from an olive Supercap. I have tried a single HC, 2 x HC - which made a big difference over 1 HC - and the SC, which had less of an impact than 2xHC. Also the SC is well under-utilised running an 82. OTOH it’s one less box than 2 x HC - which is how I explained it to my wife…

Thanks. Others have said the same, that the psu in the 200 probably is better than the Flatcap.

Hehe. Valid argument, I guess :smiley:

If you were in the market to upgrade from no psu to HiCap/ 2 x HiCap/ SuperCap, knowing what you know now, and given the cost of 2 x hiCaps VS a SuperCap, what would be your choice?


Weeeell… you can acquire two olive HC for £800-950, whereas an olive Supercap is more in the region £1100-1200…

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Hi HH,

Low level sub cables tend to need the slug resistors as the sub is usually tucked away somewhere and potentially require a long run. This can cause unwanted oscillation, so the characteristics of the cable can changed by adding in-line resistors (22R) in the signal path to prevent it.


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I see :wink:

Thanks Neil. Hopefully that will help @Thomas7string not to blow anything up.

Haha, no worries. I will try to keep my cool and buy when the right item is available at the right price.

I would probably go with the high level connection rather than buy a slugged lead for the low level connection, which might be quite expensive.
With REL subs, their slightly unusual ‘Speakon’ connection means that you’ll probably want to use their 3 core cable. Connecting this to the speakers means splitting the outer sheath so that one cable runs to one speaker, and the other two go to the other speaker. If that sounds like too much hassle, follow the advice of my dealer and just connect it to the speaker output terminals on your power amp. He’s a well established Naim dealer who has been selling Rel subs for a long time, and always instals them like this for customers. This suggestion usually brings howls of protest from some forum members, but I can assure you it works.

Thanks, Chris,

If connecting the REL cable to speaker outputs on the NAP, it’s still two to the left and one to the right? Or the other way around…

It doesn’t matter, just so long as you connect one positive to each speaker. The negative can go to either.


Another option that also gives better control of the sub is to use short leads to connect a miniDSP 2x4 or a DSpeaker Antimode 8033Sii and connect that to the sub.

These have the advantage that they can be used to control the excitation of the fundamental room resonances that tend to be exacerbated when using a sub. In other words they do a partial room correction (at LF) without interfering at all with the critical mid-range signals that are processed by the amp and the main speakers.

Of the ways of integrating a sub, this I have found to be by far the best.

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Hi Xanthe,

How do you connect this to the 82? By RCA? And single ended to the sub?

Yes exactly.

Stereo 2xRCA (or DIN to 2x RCA) connections to the DSP box (RCA connections are always single ended).
Then 1xRCA (combination of the 2 stereo channels) or 2xRCA (stereo) to the sub (these two configurations both behave identically).

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