Subwoofer connection to Nova - no signal

Any advice much appreciated. I have just purchased an SVS sub and connected it to the Sub Output on the back of the Nova using RCA connections into the sub input as instructed in the Sub user manual. No sound from the sub.

Have checked all connections with Nova and the power setting on the sub - all seem fine.

Have run a factory reset on the Nova - still no joy.

To test the sub I have connected it successfully to my old SuperUniti and it works.

Have tried two sets of RCA cables no joy.

Feeling stumped as surely the Nova should just send the signal to the sub.

Thanks for any help.

Does your sub have an auto on button?
If your sub is set to auto it could be that the auto on the sub and auto function of the Nova are confusing each other so the sub is to coming on. Try setting Sub auto button to on.

Thanks, yes, that occurred to me too and I have cycled through the power options on the sub and manually set it to β€˜On’ with no avail. Will explore further this evening. I suspect I am being daft somewhere along the line - just frustrating as it ought to be simpler given it worked on the SuperUniti

Suggests same thing with auto on

You could try the sub out from the nova into a line input of your Superuniti to see if there is any signal coming out of the nova

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Thanks - good tip.

Managed to get the sub to work with the Nova but this only lasted a short while before it lost the signal. God knows what caused this because this was in the same continuous playback session.

Ran all the connection checks and power recycles with sub set to on rather than auto and LFE disabled as recommended by the SVS app when connecting to a stereo amp. And nothing. So I cannot replicate what I did earlier when the sub did get a signal. Incredibly frustrating cos it works fine on my SuperUniti in continuous playback and when switching on again after a power down period.

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