SubWoofer outs on SN2

So I’m getting new speaker cable. And as has been pointed out to me several times I shouldn’t run my REL sub off the speaker outputs.

So this leads me to the Sub outs on the SN2. Since I can find nothing in the owners manual I’m going to assume that I will need to run a Y adaptor from the R+L Sub Outs to the single input on my REL. (T/7i) Is this correct?

The input on the Rel is intended to take a mono feed from one or other of the two channels via the phone sockets on the amp. Rel point out that this is an inferior way of connecting compared to the high level connection using their speakon socket, and that is what I would suggest you should use for best sound quality.

Hi Chris. So if I just run it from say the right channel sub out on the SN2 what happens to all the bass in the left channel I thought using a Y adapter would sum the L+R so at least I don’t lose the info. Also I currently have my REL using the high level connection but I’m running the high level leads paralleled to the speaker outputs, but was told by folks here I shouldn’t do that. Maybe I should just replace those lame inverted banana outputs with some nice WBT NexGens like the Naim Statement Amps? Sure would make things simpler!

On my SN2 - i used to run my sealed 10 inch sub with the sub out from the SN2

I removed that

Used a 16 gauge speaker cable wire from the speaker terminals ( both L & R ) of the speaker to the plate amp high level i/p of the subwoofer…

it works very well

i dont use the SN2 sub out anymore


The problem is that REL design their subs for Home Theatre (5.1 & 7.1) use rather than for music (2.1) use, hence only one low level connection point is needed. For music they seem to be trying to get you to buy 2 (smaller) subs.
This is an absurdity that among sub manufacturers seems almost unique to REL!

The better answer is to use something like a miniDSP 2x4. Connect the two inputs to the RCA Sub Out jacks on the SN2, connect the miniDSP Out 1 to the REL, then programme the miniDSP to combine In 1 & In 2 into Out 1 (and set a lowpass filter at 200Hz ). This will give you a true reproduction of the bass from both stereo channels.

There is another advantage to this…
You can use the miniDSP processor to even out the sub’s in-room performance by putting narrow cut filters in at the room’s resonance frequencies.

If you are going to use a Y cable, you need to ensure that it has a ‘resistive combiner/splitter’ design or you’ll be shorting the pre-amp outputs together.


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