SUBWOOFER + Supernait 3 + Y adapter

I do have a question. I have a Supernait 3 and a REL subwoofer. The supernait 3 has dedicated stereo subwoofer ouput but the Rel has only 1 low level input. Would you use an Y adapter yes or no? In other words would you use an Y adapter so that you can use both outputs on the Naim or would you recommend to only use 1 output on the Naim?


SN2 here

sealed sub user…

I take high level signals from the speaker terminals and feed them to my subwoofer plate amplifier high level i/p

if you need pics - let me know

I dont use the sub out now as i found the music to be better for my ears this way.

Does your REL have a low level i/p ? maybe you can use that with the SN3 sub out…?

Hope it helps

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If you only connect the low level sub input to one of the SN sub out sockets you will only get one channel. It’s probably best to connect to the back of the speakers.

The REL has a Low level input and the Naim has 2 sub outputs (left and right). So the question is Should I only use the left or the right sub out on the Naim or should I buy an Y adapter ? in that way I can go from the 2 sub outs on the Naim to the singel input on the Rel ?!

See my answer below :slight_smile:

Short answer: No!

Longer answer:
There are three ways to sort this out (listed in order of preference):

1 Low level connection using a DSP box (such as a miniDSP 2x4), This has two inputs and four outputs, but the signan from both inputs can be summed in the DSP and fed to one output that can then be connected to the single low level input on the REL. This has the advantage that the crossover filter for the sub can done in the DSP and this can also include room correction of the bass frequencies.

2 Leads can be connected to the back of the speakers and these can be connected to the high level inputs of the REL.

3 A resistive splitter/combiner circuit can be built to combine the stereo output signals from the SN3 into a single mono signal, however this will be compromised by the combination of the output impedance of the SN3’s preamp and the input impedance of the sub.

If I want to use 1 of the rca subwoofer out on the Naim, will there be a difference if I should go for the Left or for the right sub out?

There will be a difference and it will vary depending on what you are playing; in some cases it will vary from moment to moment within one track!

You need to connect to both or you will only get the bass from one channel.

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