Subwoofer to my Muso2


Anyone know if you could connect a subwoofer to the muso2? I have a QB2 and a muso2, and it feels like the set up lacks a little in the low frequences. I may try to combine things that are not meant to combine now, just had to ask.

I don’t think it is possible, there isn’t an output socket.
I suggest you play with positioning, on a solid support, and switch on loudness. Both units are capable of generating a decent amount of bass.


A Qb2 on a HiFi wooden speaker

stand has as much, maybe more bass, than my PMC 23i’s. It is not as controlled, but it is great fun. London Grammar really pound the ears with Qb2.

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You would have to work “around” or “outside” of the Muso to achieve this. Like a common source feeding analog or digital into both Muso and sub; or try a streaming-sub (if this exists, or a streaming box feeding a sub) and then send a “multi room” signal to both.
But this is neither easy, hassle free, intended or would work with many of the use cases for a Muso - only if your source is outside. (Which would make the Muso “just” a rather simple sound bar.)

Thanks for your response! I see, i guess then i will use the muso and qb as intended without a sub.

Maybe Naim could make a wireless sub for the muso on day. I feel the deep frequences are a little «light» on my muso, maybe there is a market for the new product:)

Maybe they could… I also imagined a while back a box, which takes a 5.1 or so signal and split it into sub-out and distributes the other channels towards multiple Naim products (using the Naim multi-room system - you “just” need to split he channels to multiple outputs and keep things in sync); like: front to a streamer/uniti main system and using 2 QBs as rear speakers.

But I guess, we’ll never see these “niche” devices from Naim; the Sonos, Yamahas etc. do this, but likely on a much larger scale of portfolio and sales…

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