Subwoofer + Uniti Star Results

I’ve read about users pairing a REL Zero or TX/5 or 7 with the Star, but I’d like to know what results users have had by adding one.

Noticeable boost in bass to be satisfied for the amount spent on a sub? Richer sound? Fuller body? More mid-range presence?

depends really on the speakers you’re using. I’m using ML Dynamo 800x with my uniti Star. completely satisfied with the added dimension. and the 800x has great options to adjust.

All of the above :smiley:

I’m using T9/x with my Focal Sopra 1

I’m using Monitor Audio Silver 300s.

I’ve read that REL recommend 2 subs rather than one. Do you use 2?

of course they do ($$). I’m using one.

I’m using one, which is more than good enough. Two is even better, provided it’s balance pair with the quality of the speaker.

But yes, I do plan to have it a pair too in the future

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