Subwoofer with Naim Nait Xs

Using Proac Tablette 10 speakers for just over a year now I feel that I am sometimes missing out on some of the deeper/more “bassy” aspects of the music I listen to even though they are within four inches of a rear wall… I am currently thinking along the lines of a subwoofer but the restriction is that it has to have an oak finish and be on the small side. I can find two - Monitor Audio W12 V2 and BK XLS 200-DF but there is quite a price difference between the two.
I know nothing about these two, so is anyone using them or anything else that could be of interest to me.
All useful comments considerered.

I’ve got the MJ Acoustics Reference 100. It’s about a 15" cube size . High and low inputs, Been very pleased with mine. I’ve got it paired with Castle Sterling 3 speakers and my Uniti Star.

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