Hi. I have a Uniti Atom non hdmi. I have chance of a B&O Beolab 2 subwoofer at a very low price. Has anyone any experience of mating the two? How easy was it and how successful?
Thanks in anticipation.

My situation is slightly different, I have added a Totem Storm sub to my system (Uniti/250/32.5/Snaps/Totem Mites). I’ve never used a sub before and wasn’t sure what to expect. All I can say is that it is the biggest (most notable) upgrade I have added to a system. To be fair, the Mites are there whilst looking for an alternative to some SBLs. However, the sub has added more than I could have imagined.

Not hard to connect. If you search you’ll find plenty of info. In my second system I previously had an nSub with a Qute and nSats in a large awkwardly shaped room. Worked very well, but ultimately a better power amp (using the pre-out) and speakers were more satisfying.

I have heard subs that totally dominate a room in AV and HFi systems so be sure the setup will be easy to tune.
What are your speakers?

Thanks. I’m just after that little bit of thump that can be felt. I don’t want to demolish the house but I do like bass. My main speakers are Focal Chora 826 and are great for my room but lack a tiny bit at the bottom end. (I think so anyway) I have a small B&W formation speaker in the bedroom which somehow has that little punch even though it’s so small).
The Mites get quite a good review. Been on the market a while so they must be pretty good, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Hi. Main speakers are Focal Chora 826. I just fancy a bit more physical presence in the lower end so thought this might do the trick. I know where you’re coming from with the bass dominating a room and don’t want that. I’ll try the Beolab 2 and see what happens. I can always sell it on.

I wanted to add that depth that a small speaker can find difficult. The Mites are punchy but can’t produce the lows that some tracks can produce. I knew I had the settings right once I couldn’t tell it was there. But then, when I turned the sub off, I instantly knew it wasn’t.

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That’s exactly the effect I’m looking for. Cheers.

After disconnected the woofer driver (on my XTZ FLR99.36) I found UnitiAtom plays more dynamically and controlled. This 2*40W of Atom is not enough to plays towers. Check it, if possible (FoChora is single wired - but if compare to bookshelf model. It’s unmistakable)
I did so, and added solid active subwoofer. I like it much more. Towers need more money, more room, more amplification. In my mind at your constallation will be too many drivers vs not enough force.

Cheers. I’ll bare that in mind.

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