Hi I have just bought a Cambridge Audio minx201 subwoofer and not sure how to connect this I have Naim Hi-Cap , 62 preamp and 140 power amp looks as if no speaker feed into sub real lost with this

The Minx looks like it’s designed more for LFE use but it should be possible to connect up here to your system. It has a pair of RCA Phono inputs and you can connect this to one of the stereo pre-amp outputs on your HICAP. However, be aware that the HICAP was never designed to run a long interconnect such as a sub lead, so you’d be best off using Naim’s own Subwoofer cable which has a DIN4-2 x RCA Phono and is slugged with a 100R resistor to allow the HICAP to drive it without instability. It comes in 5m or 10m lengths. Alternatively you could have a custom cable made up by your dealer, using low capacitance cable and similarly slugged to suit.

This question comes up regularly. Take a look at this thread.

Thank you for your help trying to source Naim subwoofer Cable any ideas where I might get one

Your Naim dealer may be able tp help (I don’t know if it’s a current item, or if Naim still have stock). Otherwise, you’ll need to keep an eye out for secondhand or else get something suitable made up by your dealer.

I have 2 REL T5X subwoofers and the are connected to to speaker terminals on the speakers (KEF LS50 metas). The theoryis they receive the same signal as the speakers and dont create additional load on the amp (at least thats according to REL) not sure if its the same on your subwoofer.

The Cambridge sub only has low level inputs, so unfortunately that’s not an option.

Just letting you know I got a cable 4 pin to rca plugged in to hi cap aux to subwoofer gives me that little extra boost been looking for wife might not agree

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Where did you get it please Kevin? Still on the lookout for one here.


Got it second hand eBay going to invest in a really good one soon got this just to try work’s perfect have a look at chord they will do this not to expensive around £130-£140 2m more than likely my next buy .

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Hi KevinS1
What’s the name of the cable at chord please ?
I’m going to use a nac 202 and need a cable to connect hicap to subwoofer


Chord Clearway for £125

The Clearway cable price is for 1m I have seen 2 m cable

Hi @KevinS1, that doesn’t have the necessary resistors though? They’re needed to protect the HiCap, unless your sub is only a metre away?

That is true I am getting away as mine next to rack

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Designacable made one for me with 100R resister

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