Suddenly cover art not displayed on new rips on Uniticore

I am. Exactly the same - new rips, no art on the apps (they are all there on Finder). Will be trying everything again on a friend’s network tomorrow. Not the only problem I’m having, but certainly have this one amongst others.

So I also have exactly the same problem as TNC. Starting this last week or so a new rip causes no cover art to be displayed on the app, even though it shows up in Finder as being there. I can add user art but it disappears from the app after a few seconds (remains in Finder though). Tried it on a different network this morning, same thing. Tried it on a temporary new music share just now, same thing. A factory reset, which has usually solved the issue in the past, doesn’t fix it now. Plays fine, just no artwork displayed on either the app on my iPhone or my iPad.
(I also copied an older rip which did display the artwork, to the Downloads folder and that did retain the artwork in the app. But when I deleted the artwork and re-added it (in Finder), it failed to re-appear (in the apps).

I did the same thing but in my case the artwork did not show in the App.

So this is weird, though in a good way. Since December I’ve had issues with Core cover artwork being distorted, or just not displaying on the app, even though it’s all fine in Finder. At the same time, CDs wouldn’t rip (well, they would appear to rip “with no errors” but would never update the database (No “Go to album” ever appeared - unless I ripped them during a factory reset…). But still no artwork. No amount of turning off or resetting of the router, turning everything off and on or changing disc drives made any difference.
Then last week BT had a massive outage and our local area was without internet for about 12 hours. When it came back, one reset later (after I unplugged the Core to move it) everything is back to normal, artwork, ripping, all fine. So logically I guess I had a network issue, now resolved.
In case it happens again, anyone have any idea how to replicate a massive fail on BT’s part, as that seems to be what it takes to mend things? As I say, merely turning off the router for a while didn’t work…

It wasn’t a network issue with me. I did the “rebuild music database” and it worked.

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