Suddenly unable to stream locally or from Qobuz

Hi, bit of a problem tonight. Any thoughts?

When I stream music from Roon or from Innuos Sense either locally or from Qobuz there is no sound reaching my ND5XS2 or my Chord Mojo. Same with the Qobuz app directly. However, streaming from the Naim app is fine for both locally stored files and Qobuz streams. Roon Core is on my MacBook as are the music files accessed by Roon. The Naim app and Innuos Sense access files on the Innuos Zenmini Mk3 - the Naim app works but Innuos Sense does not. I suspect it is a network issue but everything was fine until today and nothing has changed that I know of. Grateful for any suggestions that I can try to fix this.

Cheers, Ian

Certainly sounds like a network issue, you may have done so, but if not the first thing I’d do would be to restart the router and/ non-functioning devices to see if that helps.

Check any switches/wifi boosters to ensure they are functional and haven’t been inadvertently turned off. Check for loose ethernet connections.

Are all devices wired apart from the device running the Naim app?

I can report that the next day all end points and streaming sources and control points are operational. No idea what the problem was though it must have been an issue with the home network. No sound was coming from any end point though the iPad was correctly managing Roon, Innuos Sense, Naim and Qobuz apps. Very strange, but all is fine again. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

Cheers, Ian

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