Sugden Preamp to Supernait 2 for more refinement

Hello community.
So the Supernait 2 is disappointing in classical music. Refinement missing. So I would like to connect my amazing refined Sudgen HA-4 to the SN2 to use the power amp section only of the SN2.

What cable do I need please if I use a 2 x RCA on the Sudgen side?
I suppose I do not use AV in as it only disables volume in the SN2 preamp section. I want the total SN2 preamp to be shut off and replaced by the Sudgen.

Fact is that the Rotel integrated amplifier gets too hot when connected to Sudgen. SN2 stays cold and Sudgen just handwarm.
Thanks a lot. Suffering of massive headache for 3 days.

Kind regards.

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hicap dr…that will clean the pre side up of SN2

One would require a 216 degree 4 pin din to RCA cable to connect to the power amp in socket, alas I cannot refer you to one but I presume Google may be able to do so.

I think the signal goes direct to the power amp so you could use this option.

You need an RCA to Din cable, wired for the power amp in socket as shown in the diagram, which is from the manual that you should already have. Put the SN into power amp mode and off you go; instructions are again in the manual.

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Hello and many thanks. -ve on the SN2 vs nc on the Hicap. I fear that the wirings are not idential ??? I only have one 4 pin Din to RCA from this thread: 4 pin Din to 2 x RCA to exit the Hicap and entering in my Rotel amplifier “Main In”. I really hope it is the exact same??? Thanks Wiring Stageline to Hicap to non Naim amplifier - Hi-Fi Corner - Naim Audio - Community This is a similar cable simcox55 made for me as my friend from flashbacksales … you know .
Kind regards. HF

Do you mean Sugden, rather than Sudgen? If so, you ought to correct the title of the thread.

You need a cable wired as per the diagram HH posted. From a signal perspective it’s the same on any DIN4 socket.





Left RCA inner to Ch1 pin

Right RCA inner to Ch2 pin

Both RCA outers connected to –ve (signal ground) pin

For your cable, don’t connect anything to the pin marked nc on the Hicap or +ve on the SN2. The SN2 DIN4 socket has a 24v output using this pin. On the Hicap DIN4 socket, the nc pin is not used (nc - not connected)

Pins aside, the thread raises an interesting question about what refinement means, and whether it’s a good thing with classical music. Much classical is very lively, energetic and often quite raw. My SN3 for example is excellent with classical - which leads to another point that amplifiers don’t know what they are playing. Maybe the OP needs to spend more time with live classical music in order to give a real benchmark. Classical music, or indeed any music, shouldn’t be made to sound refined, it should sound real.


Now I’m starting to wonder what the source is…. And the OPs profile mentions a 282 and 250…… and a CDX2……

Who would have thought that… :wink:

Hello. So I still do not know if I can use my DIN 4 cable where nc is a pin instead of +ve. I got no pin marking from simcox from ebay. If not Is there any link to a cable to buy from Chord or whatever will suit. Thanks

instructions in the manual do not refer to non naim products connected!

The source is a Rotel RCD-971 by Toslink in a Rega Dac and by Din to RCA cable in the Supernait 2. The source can be a CDX2.2/XPS2 or any transport in a Naim Dac. So the source won’t be the problem. With the same cabling the Sudgen/Rotel combo shows amazing details in refinement in violines which the Supernait 2 does not.

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it’s a bout a Supernait 2 and the pins are my main problem actually :slight_smile:

have a look at this in youtube and you understand that my bedroom hifi is not the same than my living room hifi, but sources can be rolled in.

Okay, we’ll I think others have answered about the connection. It will be interesting to hear what you think of the combination.

There are plenty of reputable cable suppliers out there who can provide a suitable RCA to DIN cable for Naim amps.
Your Naim dealer should be able to get you a proper Naim cable with RCAs for the source, and there are Chord versions available too.
I think you are possibly not in the UK so I won’t suggest possible retailers.

All you need is an RCA to 4 pin Din cable. Naim make one. Chord make one. Designacable make one. Loads of people make one. Just type ‘RCA to 4 pin Din cable’ into Google (or whatever) and they will appear. It’s really not difficult.

I have a 4 pin Din to RCA for Hicap output to a non Naim amplifier ordered from simcoxx55 UK ebayer replacing flashbacksales manufacturer who has died. "CHORD COBRA 1M. 4 PIN DIN 2 X RCA phono NAC 52 pre AMP Hicap to AMP" tells me I can’t use this ebay cable and “NAIM 4pin-DIN to RCA’ Gotham GAC-1 Hi-Fi interconnect” tell me I could use their ebay cable. So it is not as simple as that. So can I use my 4 pin Din cable made for me from Hicap Output to a non naim amplifier input. I find my question rather simple. Yes or No could be an answer. Is Richard having holidays? Would need his advice now. Thanks. Before I do not have a 100% confirmation, I do connect nothing at all to my SN2 :slight_smile: