Suggest some classical and or modern acoustic guitar music please

My wife and I have just returned from a week in Flanders and spent a fantastic afternoon in Ghent where two exceptional (and I suspect fairly professional) buskers entertained us in a square with superb classical acoustic guitar playing. Sadly they had sold out of CDs so I never got to learn what they were playing. They were well rewarded though.

Can someone suggest some classical guitar music? Not too keen on the more frenetic/aggressive flamenco style. I have some Nathan Salsburg modern acoustic music and something similar to this might also be interesting as well as a more classical style.

Thanks in advance


Hi Bruce, if I had just one classical guitar recording its would be a John Williams compilation “The Guitar Master”. Its mostly all well known classical standards with a few modern theme tunes.
There is no hi-res, only 16/44 from Qobuz or a double CD. The download had track errors & Qobuz refunded, so beware. I strongly advise to get the CD & rip, your friendly big river has it £9.99



Julian Bream should probably be in your radar - this is on the river under £7.


I endorse the above recommendations but I would suggest a few off beat recordings. Tim Sparks takes traditional tunes and treats them with precision, Ottmar Liebert gives a virtuoso interpretation of flamenco and Rodrigo and Gabriela offer a refreshing and modern take on the guitar.

Ry Cooder and V M Bhatt - A Meeting By A River12


Thanks folks

Have heard some Rodrigo y Gabriela and found it a bit frenetic.

Mrs W was hoping for something gentler.


Understand Tim Sparks is more relaxed!

Try this.


Although the very best of classical guitar compositions are unfortunately frenetic’.



Vicente Amigo. Un momento en el Sonido.

If perhaps you’ve just had a bad run in with flamenco.
This album has its frenetic points but also has that lovely lilting romantic side playing throughout.

Try Phil Keaggy Acoustic Sketches. Try exploring the Naxos Guitar Laureate series.

Absolutely. John Williams is arguably most accessible artist in this genre. See also Lenny Breau for very nice jazz (non-frenetic), and for something quite different and spectacular, the late great Michael Hedges. And of course, you can never go past Pat Metheny for modern jazz/new age guitar.

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Had a quick listen to Steve Tobbots. Fantastic, thanks. Will explore the other suggestions


I’d also suggest Julian Bream - Music of Spain, Granados and Albeniz - very calming

I’m pleased you like it. It’s very different to the standard guitar fare. Ghent is a wonderful city - we stayed above a cafe specialising in African food just round the back of the cathedral last year.

You cannot go wrong with John Williams. I can’t think of a better choice.

John Williams is a bit predictable though. This is a recent acquisition for me, and quite wonderful.

This album is outstanding! Apparently (according to a Speaker review I read online) he has another albums that are also amazing, this is the only one on Tidal currently though. I’ve never listened to this genre before, but think this has got me hooked!


in 24/96 or even dsd on hd tracks. only acoustic guitars.

Predictably good!