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I am hoping for some suggestions regarding my next move along the streaming ladder. I currently have a 282 / HC2 / 250.2 / NDX / Hugo1 / Powerline / Hiline / Kudos C20’s.

I am considering whether or not moving to and NDX2 or perhaps a Hugo TT2. Realistically at this point I can make the move to one or the other.

Any thoughts as to what will provide the biggest bang for the buck?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well i think simon in suffolk went for the NDX2 into Hugo1 and has been very pleased with the result.

I would have the 250 DRed (or part ex it for a 250DR), as it makes that amp so very much more musically satisfying to these cloth ears.

Then, if you really like what the Higo 1 does (many do), have a look at a more modern streamer to feed it such as NDX2, Auralic Aries G2, DCS Network Bridge, Sonore Optical Rendu or Signature Rendu etc. There are a number of threads about these different streaming front ends to search and read through.

Hope this helps, BF

I upgraded from an NDX > Naim DC1 > Naim DAC with XPS to an NDX 2 with XPS, and I have no regrets.

The NDX 2 integrates perfectly with the rest of my system (NAC 202 with HiCap DR, NAPSC and NAP 200.

I am using the HiLine as an interconnect.

Yes, I was reading some of his posts recently. This seems the direction I am leaning towards.


What differences do you notice between the versions of the NDX (1 vs 2)?

Thanks. I was considering DR’ing the 250.2. I have mixed results in particular systems with the DR. Wondering what your thoughts are (in terms of differences).

Are these mixed results from your own experience or the experience of others?
If yours, then you have the perfect experience to draw on when deciding which way to go. If the mixed results are not based on your own experience, then I would recommend doing a direct comparison at your friendly Naim dealer, your 250.2 versus the dealer 250DR.

There are some exceptional cases where the owner has preferred a 250.2 over a 250DR, or indeed a 250DR over a 300DR, but the vast majority of owners will welcome the DR version with a sense of absolute delight. It is just so much more musically engaging. It makes a song come alive and sound more captivating.

Enjoy the audition, BF

Thanks Bluesfan. My dealer has offered a 250 DR loner, so I think I will take him up on that. Always best to form your own opinions in a controlled environment. Appreciate the follow-up

If you consider a DR upgrade of your current 250.2, you might want to do it rather soon if your 250 doesn’t need a service. Not only will prices go up, Naim will soon do DR upgrades only in conjunction with a service.

Regarding my NDX to NDX 2 upgrade:

I also have the Naim HeadLine powered by a HiCapDr and a set of Focal Utopia headphones.

I could never enjoy the Focal Utopia headphones with my old set-up. Music had a harshness and an edginess that just wasn’t enjoyable. It was very fatiguing.

I had no idea what the problem was.

My source was the NDX > Naim DC1 > Naim DAC with XPS.

My interconnect was the Naim HiLine.

My preamp was the NAC 202.

I debated whether to upgrade my source or whether to upgrade my preamp or whether to shop for a new headphone amp.

I decided to trade-in my NDX and Naim DAC and upgrade to the NDX 2, and it solved my problem.

My source is now the NDX 2 with XPS, and my headphone set-up (HeadLine with HiCapDR > Focal Utopia Headphones) always brings a smile to my face. All the harshness and fatigue are gone.

The NDX 2 is much cleaner than the NDX > Naim DAC with XPS. The music is also presented with much more authority.

I went from a three box source (NDX > Naim DAC with XPS) to a two box source (NDX 2 with XPS) with an increase in fidelity and enjoyment, so it is two steps forward and zero steps back!

I am very, very happy with my system, but I am hoping Naim release a Naim DAC 2. :grinning:


I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the heads up. Also cheaper overall if you get everything done at one time (according to my dealer’s quote).

Thanks for sharing your experience. Surprised that the internal DAC of the NDX2 stands above the nDAC. Something else to consider…

I personally did prefer the Hugo over the nDAC, and would have to be seriously swayed by the NDX2’s dac performance to let it go.

I had a quick search – the new pricing kicks in from September 1. So rather soon…

My initial plan was to keep the Naim DAC, but I read on this forum the Naim DAC adds colour to the NDX 2 that is not enjoyable.

While I never got to hear the NDX 2 > Naim DAC, I would agree the NDX 2 performs better without the Naim DAC.

Wow, that’s quite a monkfish!.. but if it works for you… Well OK then.

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