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Hello, which, in your opinion are the speaker of choice for NAC72, Hicap (olive), NAP250(olive)?
I currently use ProAc Studio 100 and my sources are Linn Sondek (Denon DL103R), CD5X and NDX.

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One person’s speaker of choice may sound awful to another! All you can ask for is suggestions of things to audition, as every speaker sounds different, and you need the character of sound that suits you. Maybe you should indicate a budget as well, and bear in mind that buying ex demo or secondhand gives you greater buying power. I have no idea if they would suit you, but I would suggest transmission line speakers, for which PMC are the most well-known, but there are also castle and Kerr. I would only ever consider full range speakers, which inevitably means on the large and, if you want good quality, expensive side of things. For that read the higher levels in manufacturers ranges. However transmission line speakers are not always the easiest to drive, and Seem always to benefits from good amplification. I am not familiar with the 250, but it’s level of capability shouldn’t be bad.

In period…? Maybe Epos ES14’s. Or Linn Kan’s…?

Now… Something from Kudos or Neat maybe…?

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What don’t you like about your Proac speakers?

I actually love my ProAC, but after a while one wonders whether things could even get better …

To be honest if you love the sound of your system I would be tempted to leave it alone and spend your cash on something else.

If you have your heart set on new speakers though you could look for something higher up the ProAc range. Alternatively listen to the usual brands such as Neat, Kudos, ATC, PmC, Spendor, Dynaudio or Focal at your chosen price level. Obviously speakers are very room dependent so it would be worth narrowing them down at your local dealer before trying your final selection at home.

Your system looks well fairly well balanced to me but you might decide that you get greater improvements for less cash by upgrading the preamp (82 or 52) or depending on what your primary source is adding an XPS to the NDX or upgrading the Linn.

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If you want more bass extension, why not try the Studio 140’s? If you want better controlled bass, why not try Naim SBL’s?

Speakers are very subjective. I use a £100 pair of small Dali speakers with my 72/hc/250 olive set up. Great value for money, clearly not the best sound. But, ill enjoy the hours i spend listening to them.

Strap the same speakers on the end of my other/main system and the same speakers still sound good. They dont sound an absolute fraction of my PMC 20.26 speakers !

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The speakers I would suggest are the ones that integrate with your room.
Find a good dealer and demo - anything else is a risk….

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