Suggestions on the placement of my equipment

Hi all

My equipment is placed on a couple of shelf’s next to the chimney breast and I know is certainly far from ideal.
Unfortunately due to the layout of the room and space this area is the only option for equipment and a Fraim as much as I want one isn’t possible.
Also due to the depth of the shelf, the NDX and Supernait2 are sitting on a few pieces of wood to enable the cables to hang freely behind.

If I extend the depth of the shelf it’s going to look somewhat odd next to the tv and the shelf matches the other side of the breast.

Are some sort of anti vibration feet sited under my units my best bet?

Any advice or thoughts welcome.



Ultimately you’re constrained by the location. As you say you can’t extend the shelving so you’ve done the best you can given the room available and the size of the Naim boxes. Is the wall behind them a false panel and if so could you recess the individual boxes ?

A slightly off the wall (no pun intended) suggestion. Do you actually need the kit in the room (apart from the speakers of course). I take it you control the NDX2 via the app and have system automation enabled so don’t actually need the equipment to be accessible in the listening room. If so, could you move the electronics into adjacent room / cupboard where you can put them onto a rack and lead the cables through the wall to the speakers ?

If none of the above suggestions don’t work then don’t sweat it. I’m sure it all sounds just fine as it is.

Thanks James

Yes unfortunately, solid wall behind. It’s an NDX, not 2.
I was thinking of getting something like some isopucks that I could sit under the equipment removing the timber but I am not sure if any of those type of vibration control supports need to be located directly under the feet or if ok to support anywhere.
This will enable the feet to dangle but the units would still be fully supported.

Ah i see now - the false wall is under the shelves where i think you had hidden the mains and speaker cables. I was thinking you had the NDX2 but that’s Mike over in NZ.
System automation still valid though so you could put them elsewhere…

You are constrained by location but the oak (?) shelving looks solid, the units aren’t on top of each other. More a case of glass half full than glass half empty.

I would perhaps investigate some isolation units ? But perhaps try before you buy.

It could be worth trying the Naim cup and ball or the Gaia feet on loan from a dealer.

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