Suggestions on upgrades?

This is my setup for now. Mac mini - Chord 2qute - Nac 82 - Nap200 - Neat Iota Alpha. Nac and nap are in good condition.

What do you think is the weak link in this? Any suggestions on what to buy next?

Kjetil :norway:


Hi, the obvious choice is a Hicap for the 82, especially if the 200 is not the DR version.
Perhaps also consider a source upgrade, perhaps replace the Mac with something else, but thus depends also on what music sources you use it for.

Thank you for your replies! The 200 is not DR so that is on my list now. The Mac mini has a SSD and I’m using Roon integer mode to get the data to the Chord. I am not sure if the nd5 xs will be better overall :thinking:

I presume you mean that the Hicap is on your list now? That’s what I would do rather than change the 200 for a 200DR, unless you want to avoid too many boxes.
Another thing I would consider as your system grows is adding a proper HiFi rack, perhaps with your TV mounted on the wall behind it.

Yes, I’ve put the Hi-Cap on the list :slightly_smiling_face:. I have kids so the rack has to be enclosed for now. I’ve made the doors child safe with the possibility to be open by 5-7 cm for air.

I previously had a isoblue rack with nDac - SN2 - Hi-Cap DR - Spendor D7, but sold it to get the finances for other hobbies. I still regret that. I’m now on my second run with Naim. I also have a Nait 1 coming home from Salisbury soon.

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