Suitable cables from Supercap DR to active ATC speakers

Hi Mates,

I would like to get advices on how to connect correctly ATC SCM50A to the existing 282/Supercap DR. What socket of SCDR should be used ? What brand of cables should be used that does not compromise SQ ? Does cable length count ? Where can order such a cable ? (I am not a DIY man.)

Thank you.

Sorry I have meant ATC SCM40A…

Hi, cable length does count if left unbalanced. I found when connecting my 552 to actives I used quality professional unbalanced to balanced audio transformers within 60 cms of the 552 PS, and then I could use much longer balanced interconnects to the actives … I used 2 x 5 metres. I used Van Damme XLR cables.
I found the performance was superb, and far better than connecting unbalanced or pseudo balanced over this distance. I used Canford transformers.

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