Suitable For Naim Streaming

Hi: First post here, but have owned Naim for approximately 2yrs. Considering a new streamer. Would a Synology DS218J 2 bay NAS with 2 4TB Western Digital hard drives be sufficient for Naim Streamers? Boxing Day sales. Thanks in advance.

It may be a bit weedy and I’d want more ram. Take a look at the Qnap TS 253 A. £150 more but well worth it I’d suggest.

Yes, a Synology NAS with WD Red drives is ideal. You might also consider QNAP. You need to run server software, either Minimserver or Asset are recommended. Asset is easier to use.

…You should also consider from the start how you will back up the NAS. Do you actually need a 2 bay NAS, or would a cheaper single bay model have enough storage capacity? Then just get a cheap USB drive for backup.

Thanks all. I’m ok buying the 2 bay. A little concerned about the complexity of setting this up. Not a computer wiz. Also, don’t know anyone that has set up a NAS.

Synology DS218J is ideal for music streaming, but if you want more in the future e.g. 4K video store/ streaming, then you will want something more, DS218+ for example, so make that choice now.
Also if you have a robust separate back up, you need a backup anyhow, then a one bay is something else to consider

Setting up is pretty straightforward, when I set mine up (DS214) it was done with a setup disc, I believe thats done with a www link program these days, computor wizardry is not required, just common sense.
Stick with the basics, just load the programs that you need & then learn & fine tune as you go.

I think you will be ok.

I have proven that someone with little knowledge and questionable skills can buy and set up a NAS. I read through the old forum threads when I joined and followed the instructions that came with my Synology 8TB DS716+II 2-Bay NAS and it has been humming along for a couple plus years now. I also asked a few questions from members along the way…

Thanks again all. I will have to access all the changes that need to be made prior to moving away from my current digital setup which is a digital player that has the capacity to stream Tidal and Qubuz. Suspect they will add Amazon HD at some point.

Hello, I have similar question. Does DS218j is good enough for transcoding FLAC to WAV? I’ve read about better sound quality when played WAV with SuperUniti. All my music is in FLAC.
Or is it better to buy DS218 or DS218play? I’m not interested to play video, only music.
Thank you

It’s the UPnP server that does the transcoding. Minimserver or Asset can do it, but not the Synology server.

ChrisSU is correct, Synology DS units transcode perfectly with Asset UPnP or Minimserver, 24/192 FLAC will play as 24/192 WAV & it correctly transcodes gapless recordings.
Synology’s ‘Media Server’ transcodes 24 bit into 16 bit, & transcoded gapless sounds bad at the track change. That said apart from transcode, it plays straight codec with gapless perfectly.

Ok, but these servers use NAS memory and processor, yes? If yes, then I understand transcoding Flac to Wav is not very difficult task for so even DS218j should do it easily?
Thank you for answer

I can do it on my five year old 213j, if that helps.

Hihi, thanks, that’s it. :slight_smile:

UPnP servers do not put a big strain on the resources of a NAS. Any basic Synology will be fine.

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