Suitable Plinths for SBL?

Hi…i need to find a way of standing my SBL without marking the wood floors we have in the house…its driving my wife mad with all the holes the speaker stands have made in the flooring.
I used to stand them on 1p coins but my aim is not always perfect and miss resulting in four small punctures in the floor! Over the years they have become a little embarrassing! So need a solution.
I was thinking along the lines on maybe a suitably sized ceramic tile or something similar…maybe a granite slab or something like that.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks.

You need some floor protectors. Naim Chips are good but pricey. Quadraspire make them too, and various others.

You can get some bits of thin wood, say 1 inch square and 3mm thick, blutac them to the floor, then put the spikes into them. That is tha approved Mana solution.

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