Suitable speakers for 272/250DR?

I have just upgraded my system from
uniti/nap 200 to nac 272/nap 200 and now I wonder if you have any suggestions for suitable speakers? Today I have Audiovector Si3, (a Danish speaker), and they are a bit too bright.

Can you try a NAP 250DR in place of your 200 first?

Reviews of your speakers don’t indicate a brightness so the NAP200 could be the issue here.

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I rather would check the other components, like speaker cables or interconnects. I have a 272/250dr and the change of cables made a hugh difference. Cheaper solution than new speakers (unless you really want to :wink:).


Thank you for the answers. Also thought about it, to upgrade to a nap250dr, and the day before yesterday I bought one! :grin: What a difference compared to my old nap200! Everything got better! However, the speakers are still too bright for my taste, so the next step will be to replace them. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the reply! I will review the cables in the future, but I have decided to replace the speakers. Any suggestions?

It all starts with budget. Then with music style prefences. And your acoustics in the music or living room. Apart from that the waf might be important. There are some threads elsewhere on this site discussing speakers. Plenty possibilities…

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As has been said set a budget and then it’s all down to the room. The usual recommendations include Focal, Neat, Kudos, Dynaudio etc.



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I think you’re right to change the speakers. I had the same problem with too much brightness for my tastes. Numerous electronics upgrades brought about overall improvements but never resolved it. No amount of tweaking, repositioning speakers etc sorted it either.
A change in speakers was the only solution.
There are plenty of threads on popular speakers with naim - neat, proac, dynaudio, PMC, ATC. Just make sure whatever you choose fits with your room acoustics.


If too bright perhaps think Spendor, Graham… British BBC etc…
That said, if AV are too bright look at issues elsewhere.

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Bjorn , I fear you’re looking the wrong direction, wasting money and time.
Swapping amp failure should 've put an end to this dangerous plan ,but it seems you are still into it.
How could anyone advice you sensibly not knowing where, how, the speakers would work.
That would really help you and us.


Wife approval factor


Completely agree with you Stu, sometimes no action other than changing speakers is enough!

No wrong direction at all Antonio.
My upgrade from Naim Uniti all the way up to Nac272/ Nap250dr I am more than happy with so there will be no more purchases of electronics. Now all the focus is on finding a pair of suitable speakers that fit my sound ideal. I have received some good suggestions here that I will move forward with, so we’ll see what happens in the future…

So: budget, how (big) the room is, the placement of the speakers and listening position, and (last but not least) the musical taste…?
Anyway, the Harbeth’s models are not bright at all, in addition to the brands suggested by @PerF

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I have updated the title in the thread, when I replaced 200 with 250DR.
I am looking for a floor-standing speaker that has a distinct musical sound, rather warm than analytical with nuanced and sheer treble reproduction and a bass with a clear body.
The system stands in a dedicated music room of 14 square meters. The speaker should be able to reproduce all kinds of music in a natural way. Budget up to 5000 GBP

waf sounds a bit… “mossy” Ron :face_with_hand_over_mouth: a word that has seen its best days, perhaps?

14m2 is quite small, but it might work out for some smaller floorstanders. For ‘musical’ and warmer sounding speakers i think @PerF made a few good suggestions earlier:

For Spendor you would probably end up with the A4’s since their other floorstanders are quite big for the room.

Dynaudio Contour 30i might be another option to try out in the same class of speakers.

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thanks for your reply. I have thought about Contour 30 myself so I will probably listen to them. Spendor I do not know at all unfortunately, how would you describe the sound?

There is a nice review on the whathifi website that you could check out for a first impression, they describe it better than i could here in a few sentences. :wink:

A few other comprehensive reviews are linked on Spendor’s own website as well.

As always it’s best to listen to them live with your own equipment!

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