Sumiko blue pearl evo 3 on Linn Akito

hi, I recently bought a Linn Lp12 (valhalla, cirkus, akito) and I had thought about the next two upgrades: Hercules II (I can’t afford a Lingo yet and I need 45 rpm) and as a cartridge a sumiko blue pearl evo 3 that I should get at a good price my dealer.
In your experience, is sumiko-akito right?

Don’t you mean Blue Point Special Evo III?

The Pearls are just regular and black and very entry level MM cartridges you wouldn’t consider on an LP12.

By all accounts it’s a very decent cartridge and high output MC so you can use a MM phono stage.

As far as I know, Sumiko is not that popular in the forum. Though I use a Sumiko Rainier on an entry level deck. As a result, you might not get any affirmative replies.

I’d look out for a S/H Lingo 1 there work out about the same as a new Hercules. Also for cart a DV 10x5 is a good match on the Linn arms

I have already bought the Hercules from LP12BITS at an affordable price, for the cartridge I also received an excellent offer from my dealer, the only unknown is whether the Sumiko Blue Perl Special Eco III interfaces well with the Akito.

Sumiko is very rare on the forum.

What does your dealer say? Given that they are the ones selling, they’re probably your best chance for an answer.

Though I might be a bit concerned if they keep calling the Blue “Point” Special Evo III, The Blue “Pearl” Special Evo III that maybe they aren’t so familiar with the Sumiko cartridge.

What price did they offer? If you pass, I might be interested for the right price.

the cartiridge is this, I was wrong to call it that way until now: s-l500

The price is 450€

Hmmm that’s about 20% off retail. Not quite the bargain I was expecting. Still, at that price, I’d probably be willing to take a punt and try it out. Outside of the forum, it is a well respected cartridge.

A crucial point is, did the dealer actually say he thought this would be a good match for you?

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