Summer (orchestral) concerts in Monaco

In case anyone was planning a trip to the South of France this summer…

The Monaco Philharmonic (a very good orchestra, under the direction of Kazuki Yamada) run a series of summer concerts in the courtyard of the palace. It can be a fun evening. You have to get dressed up, are not allowed to take photographs, and there is always the risk of rain (they move to the auditorium, with most of the day’s notice), but the flipside to that is getting to go into the Palace, seeing their serenesses, and hearing a truly world class orchestra (this year with several exceptional guest conductors, all who have worked with the OPMC in the past) in a fairly intimate setting, for a moderately good price (from €20 [obscured view] - €100 [next to the prince presumably], probably either the €40 or €65 tickets best value)

I have just booked some tickets for the Dvorak/Mozart double bill on Sunday 21st July. (Spacek is a very good violinist, and Czech music played by a Czech has to be the optimum), and the Beethoven Piano Concerto and 8th on July 28th. The rest I am away for.

But I did notice that the seats are already filling up (it is not a big space), so I thought I would mention it here, just in case.

Full programme on the OPMC website

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