Super Audio vinyl

Japanese just produced their first 3 Super audio vinyl. Don’t know for now how it compares vs audiophile actual ones. But they look different.
Big chance that they will cost more than 100 dollars.

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Couldn’t find these on-line with 3 Super Audio Vinyl (or any part thereof). Is there a web site where these are being sold? Does it say how they are made (not from Super Audio CDs I hope)?

Another opportunity to extract money from rich old men and enhance the incomes of has been bands who don’t need it. Brothers in Arms anyone?

I found it on Mono and Stereo.
You have to search under Fone audio Super Vinyl.

Oh yes, “fone” records in Italy. Have several from them and they do sound quite good, pure analogue cut from the master tape. You might not of heard of any of the performers however.

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So quite good, nothing really special ?
I thought it was something like a new technology of vinyl, because of the name.
And yes, the catalog is not for me.

But have you Fone records or Super Vinyl records ? Because there are only 3 produced of the later, made in Japan.

Giulio Cesare Ricci, of Fone record company was a long time Naim dealer. Back in 2013 I had the honour of representing Naim at his 30th anniversary celebration held at the Piaggio museum in Pontadera near Pisa.


No, quite good actually (the recording quality), valve mics, highest quality tape recorders, no digital input, cutting head also valve-powered I think, limited pressings, covers or pressings and covers done in Germany I believe (sorry, not in my listening room and too lazy to go upstairs and check).

Some of the music covered done very well, some (that I purchased) not so inspiring. Not much out there that is done better, and most done far worse.


When will there be an alternative to vinyl?
As I understand there is a shortage at the moment. I asked a musician lately why he didn’t print his new album on vinyl and the answer was that he would have to wait more than a year to get it printed.

€59.00 on clear vinyl according to their website.

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