Super Lumina Bi-Wire Links (jumpers) directions

I ordered a set of 200mm spade-to-4mm SL Bi-Wire Links. As they are made of Super Lumina directional HP cables, I would expect them to be directional, hence my order specs as spade-to-4mm.
How should I know for sure the directions of theses links if none of the four shows a source ring or if the box doesn’t bear label or include documentation for that matter?
An all academic question probably that would call for an answer even if equally academic for the sake of my long gone academic mind. Would anyone of you had an idea besides the ever invitation to try all configurations?

Chag -

The direction is spade to 4mm. That’s the way links are used.

Thanks HH. However if I had had 4mm-to-spade cables, I would have ordered 4mm-to-spade, possibly 4mm-to-4mm Links. How would have I known then?

Chag -

No idea. Not sure how 4mm to 4mm would work as you can’t connect them. 4mm to spade would only apply if your main cables were spade terminations. You have spade to 4mm so, perhaps obviously, that’s the direction.


Maybe they’re not directional. If they where directional, Naim would have come up with some method of indicating directionality.

The main speaker cable is directional due to the fact only one end has a resistor hidden in the little box.

Super Lumina jumper leads! - boy they are an expensive item. I have Super Lumina full loom but the jumpers were a bridge too far. A blooming expensive bridge.

My dealer told Charlie the cost is a joke…still too expensive.

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Yes I have learnt that life is not fair a long time ago but seems to me the only people buying the jumpers are those that have laid out a small fortune for the speaker cables only to find the jumpers are a totally unreasonable price.

Or the cable is very cheap and we pay for the labour and the connectors…either way too expensive.

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Doing the math and nego led me to believe that they weren’t largely more expensive than their contenders at the Chord Co, Nordost and Vertere shops.
A justification of their price may be found in their absence of directionality after all.

A number of us here have gone for the Vertere jumpers with most favourable results.

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Or, you can get speakers without silly biwire terminals.


And in those speakers there is an internal wire doing the same job as the SL jumper. Probably a piece of basic, thin and very cheap wire costing a few pence. :scream_cat:

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Vertere for me. Pulse X seems a mighty fine jumper.

When I hooked them up, Elgar’s Cello Concerto certainly seemed to put some more flesh on (over the TQB2 I had been using)

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I believe that when ordering from Naim, via your dealer, that you can specify the directionality you require.


So I did but I don’t see how to check whether the order has been fulfilled from that prospect. That’s the whole point.

What’s the list for 200mm Spade->4mm?

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£999 for a variety of lengths, 150, 200, 300 etc and terminations.

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