Super Lumina DIN-XLR cables vs Witchhat DIN-XLR cables (300DR)


Does anyone have any experience of moving from Witchhat cables on their 300DR to Super Lumina.
On paper, the improvement should be impressive but someone told me there’s been mixed reviews.


I have never tried the Witch hat, but i did try standard Naim to SL interconnects between Nd555/252/300 dr…and i did not get along with them. Others on the forum swear by them…best to ask a dealer for a loan set of cables. Personally glad i did not order on line…best to try first.

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I’ve done exactly this and the SL was much better. I already had SL speaker wires and DR boxes and they work very well together.


@Gsr I was on the test list for the new Morgania cables from WH

they arrived at the time I was just moving from 282 to 252 so could not really get a full test, but on 282 had more and wider sound stage than the standard NAIM DLR, needed to send back when 252 came in and so standard NAIM on for the moment

I am letting the system settle over the summer before I look at cables, for now the 252 has the standard NAIM cables which are lovely, I am also going to look at Cord, again on recommendation

The full SL loom is impressive as a complete solution (excellent coherence to the presentation) but I didn’t notice any particular uplift going from the WH din-xlrs to the SL mono leads.

I haven’t tried the SL (too expensive) so no help here at all but changing the standard din to xlr to the WitchHat HatPin 4 between my 272/250dr was a very nice lift in performance over the supplied.

Also I use their Phantom speaker cable and this is also a nice improvement over the NACA5 I used for over twenty years.

I went from Witch Hat DIN/XLR to SL on my 250DR, which was a significant improvement. This however could have been due to synergy with my existing SL interconnect and SL speaker cables, the SL DIN/XLR making up the last leg of a SL full loom.

I do agree that there also seems to be an affinity between DR and SL technologies.


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