Super Lumina Din-XLR

I have just received my new Super Lumina Din-XLR pair to connect my preamp and NAP500. Can anyone offer help to identify which IC for the right channel and the left channel.

Pretty sure it’s the same as all Naim Din/XLR’s, green band to the left channel and red band to the right channel on the amp - looking at the amp from the back. The order in the PS doesn’t matter.

The red one is for the right channel (ch2) on the 500. Remember the r - red and right. It doesn’t matter which socket you use at the preamp power supply as they are all stereo.

Many thanks to all. I am using Statement Pre, will it make any difference as compared to 552?

Just curious and not trying to be rude but with that level of system why in the hell is your dealer not installing that? Seems like he would drive overnight if needed to hand deliver and install for the type of money you have spent.

Enjoy what I’m sure is a lovely sounding rig!

Absolutely. I thought Naim themselves installed Statement components but that’s assuming the OP purchased the S1 new rather than used.


Huge. I never describe the real full difference on the forum as it will upset too many people.

I tried S1 Pre against a well-loved 552DR and it blew it away everywhere and in every performance respect and made me realize that in my system at that time it was the weak-link. Comparing the 552 (even 552DR) and 500 the 500 is the stronger component - let-alone 500DR. The 500DR brings the overall performance up closer to what the S1 Pre allows.

In my system - Active - I had 552 and 3x500 and the balance was not optimal too much with stress on the 552 in that combination as the linking-component.
Once you run Active the split of frequencies gives the Power Amps an easier time as they each have less of a band-limited signal to amplify and run at even lower distortion as there is less to distort.
The Pre has to do everything well. As really good as the 552 is, the S1 Pre shows what can be done.

Painful price to upgrade but never looked back.

Expect an effortless clean powerful bass and extended treble with incredibly-open mid - and a lot more.


…also the S1 Pre come with the output default usually set to enable differential interconnection to an Amp that allows for that mode - the S1 Power is the only one in the range that allows that to work and the NAP500 only uses the normal ‘single-ended’ mode connection.

This causes no problem and will work fine as the 500 just ignores that the S1Pre has that extra output feed - but you can switch it off by a little toggle-switch back of the S1Pre and it will sound cleaner and better with it set to single-ended mode that the 500 uses - it just removes the signal from the unused output.

You can try it both on and off and see which you prefer - I preferred the single output signal mode for my Snaxo - which in turn feeds the 500 amps Active.


Indeed, the S1 sounds very open and with superb dynamic.

Darkebear, I used both Din and XLR output. The S1 Din sockets to NAP500dr-Magico S7 and the XLR outputs to JL Audio Gotham g213 active subwoofer.

OK - then that option is not there.

Yo will find the S1Pre likes to be ‘on’ for at least three to four days to begin to open-out and will sound at its best after seven to ten days on. A lot more to come.


I have connected DIN-XLR cables a few times. I would not want my dealer to come to my home to do that. I cannot imagine it really, but . . .

You have statement also? Nice! If I’m dropping that much cash I guess I expect more than you do then.

Yes begs the question why would you consult the forum (as wise as it is) and not the dealer or naim direct with this level of kit. Very strange indeed.

If I had a Statement, or my old Nait XS, I’d still not expect a dealer to come to my home to connect a DIN-XLR cable.

If I were going by how much cash I’d dropped, I’d expect oral sex. My expectations are lower.


Not from your dealer surely?

Your dealer seems naughty.

Yup, ‘R=red=right’ is how I choose to try remember it ( and usually manage to) but it does rub against the grain if you are Nautically or Aeronautically minded where red is for Port(left) and green is for Starboard(right)…

As in…“Is there any red port left?”

Although I have it in the back of my mind that for RCA phonos, red = right, and white or black = left…

I normally use the “Made in Japan” method of wiring up systems.

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