Super Lumina Interconnect 552-552PS

Just wanted to check - while my dealer is doing the same - with all of the ‘full loom’ members that there is no SL to connect the 552 and its power supply. The Naim price list has an ‘active 4 to 4 PIN DIN’ cable, but I guess this must serve other purposes… The connection guide shows this a 5 pin connection, but I seem to recall that last time i looked, it was a 4 pin plug…

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You are correct.

The thinner of the two wires between the 552 and its power supply is a standard Snaic 5. There is no SL equivalent, indeed there are no SL power you’ll have to slum it with a standard wire I’m afraid.

Thanks a lot.

Following up on HH’s description of the SNAIC being a ‘power cable’ I indeed noticed that in the interconnection guide is mentioned that the Burndy is carrying the signal… ! Big surprise to me. The SNAIC connection mentions ‘digital PS’… I wonder what kind of digital info would travel downstream from the PSU…

What is the purpose of this SNAIC 5 ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question…

The burndy carries the signal, and the power for the analogue parts of the 552. The Snaic carries the power for the switching, programmable inputs, front panel lights etc.

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Actually, I believe the SNAIC carries power only, for the digital circuitry of the 552. Any signal for those controls does not pass through the PS, correct?

By the way, the 4-4 DIN, available in SL, can be used to carry audio signal from a preamp to a SNAXO; in this case “active” refers to active operation of the speakers, not a function of the cable’s carrying power.

Sorry, I wrote signal when I meant power, in respect of the Snaic. The audio signal passes from 552 via the Burndy into the 552PS and then on to the power amp or active crossover.

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