Super Lumina interconnection RCA-RCA vs DIN-DIN

good evening everyone, I write because I have this doubt about the difference in sound between the two cables. Given that Naim recommends DIN-DIN cables, I wanted to know if someone has auditioned about it and if they have noticed sound differences. The interconnection must connect a NAC 252 to an NDX 2 to replace a Naim HILINE previously. Thanks in advance.

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Funny, I just posted nearly the same question…

well then get double advice😬

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I think i have read in this parish or on the old forum that the DIN with Naim is always the preferred connection. Maybe because of it’s superior earthing (or) and it’s closer impedance matching with the DIN plug itself. If one were to incorporate a RCA connection from a non-Naim component then a RCA > DIN cable or indeed the reverse is also the preferred option. I have tried this for myself with non-Naim kit and a RCA>RCA with Naim will always be my last resort, in terms of the performance. Hope this helps.


yes yes I also agree with you mine was a question if someone did a listening test with the super lumina RCA interconnection in comparison with the DIN one because I have the opportunity to buy an RCA-RCA in the used market at a good price. Given that DIN-DIN models are always very rare and very expensive in second hand.

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