Super lumina power cord v.s chord music

I’m thinking to buy Chord music to 552 instead of mine super lumina… is it worth to change?

Opinions will vary, you really need to try for yourself.

Nope, it’s not worth it to change, however if you want to change it, that’s a different matter :grin:

Super Lumina power cord …… that’ll get the forum chatter going

Did you compare or you guess so?

One for the 18th? :laughing:

I’ll take 5

There is no Super Lumina power cord as you can guess from the other comments.

Interesting to see what he’s got, it clearly states a Super Lumina power cable.

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I suspect he’s referring to the interconnect between preamp and power amp.

Sorry of my confusion i mean Naim power cord

So you mean Naim PowerLine vs ChordMusic power cable.

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You won’t find a consensus on this topic here Meni. It’s common for people to dismiss something very expensive. For what it’s worth, based on your liking of the M6 block with Music mains cable, I’d say that you will really like what the Music IC does over Superlumina. The same applies to Chord Music mains cables over Powerlines. Very expensive though so try before you buy if you can.

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Personally I prefer chord signatureX over Naim powerLine. Chord Music should be leaps ahead to justify its price. But I use the EU versions, based on the almost unanimous praise of the powerLine from British users I always suspected that the UK version of the cable brings stuff to the UK users that the EU version possibly don’t do here…

Maybe a touch of realism added to the considerations ……
Naim Powerline is 2m stnd length and costs £649 (GBP)
ChordMusic power cable at the optional 2m length is £7000
Both connect the same house power supply copper wires to the same internal Naim copper wires
…… but it’s only money



The Super Lumina Power Cord will be $10k. I’m sure of it. And that’s just for the 18-gauge version. 14-gauge is gonna cost you dearly.


I like the Superlumina I have, but I haven’t tried it on the power cord. The Naim Powerline works very well in my system.

@Meni If we are talking Powerline versus Chord Music and you’re enquiring if a Music mains power cable would be a worthwhile upgrade on your 552, then I’d say that it’s a massive improvement. I did it, going initially from Powerline to Sarum (which was a lovely upgrade) before adding the Music last year. 552Dr/500Dr absolutely flourish when accompanied by Music cables of all varieties.


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