Super lumina speaker cable vrs chord signature xl cable

Hi all,interested if anyone has done a comparison between the above cables.I have a 252/sc dr/300dr/cds3,thanks


I’ve not used Signature XL cables but have a fair bit of experience with Signature and have always been disappointed
However to compare against the Superlumina you should be looking at Chord Super Sarum or even better Super Sarum T as this represents a more balanced price point
Personally I use the Chords but I got into cables way before Naim, at that time their official line was NACA 5 was the best they’d heard, I presume they didn’t get out much
It’s all moved on an opinions seem split here between the 2
It’s worth pointing out that depending on your system you may not be able to do a full loom with Superlumina but you can with the Chord cables which to most is surely a let down
Bear in mind with Chord you can go up a level to Music but that demands a serious commitment


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I think the Chord Sarum T is considerably costlier than the Naim Superlumina. I personally use the Signature XL speaker cable with my 282/HCDR/250DR and in comparison to the NACA5 and Chord Epic it didn’t disappoint. Also, my system is on a full loom with Chord Signature cables and it’s not a letdown when compared to the standard Naim cables.

Very helpful comments made about the speaker cables.I am also interested in people’s thoughts on the super lumina vrs the chord sarum t cables, thanks paul

I’ve compared speaker cables, i/cs and DIN-XLRs and in every case Sarum has been comprehensively better.

To be fair, though, that’s only been in 552/500, 552DR/500DR, 552DR/300 & 552DR/300DR systems fronted by LP12 (various versions), KDSM/2, KDSM/3, Chord Dave, Chord Dave/Mscaler and using Kudos S20, T606, T808, Fact 12 speakers. I guess there may be situations where SL cables might fare better.

I reported my experience in another thread recently.
System. NDX2, 555PS, 282, Hicap2, 250DR, Focal Sopra 2. Room about 25 sqm, speakers placed by the long wall (6m).

I auditioned NAca5, Tellurium Q black II, Chord Epic, Naim SuperLumina and Chord Sarum T speakercables. The first three mentioned was like sidesteps towards eachother, with their own spesific sound.

As much as I wanted the Naim SL to work in my room/ setup, I could not live with them. Sweet and cosy, but took the life and sparkle out of the Focals. The Sarum T, I didn t want them to work due to it s cost, but sadly they where just wonderful. Sarum T really focused on the music only.

For the SL, there may have been something wrong with them cause they really dissapointed me. It may also be room and system dependent as I have heard very different experiences from others.



Did you try the Signature XL? I wonder how it compares to the Sarum T. I went overboard with the Signature XL and the Sarum T is double the cost. A bit of an overkill with my 282/250DR I would think. Perhaps more fitting for 552/500 amps the Sarum T.

SuperLumina speaker cable, compared to NACA5, on a new DR amplifier, (NAP 250 and above) in my experience it is essential.

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I did not try Signature XL as it was not available for audition at that time. I may well have landed there if it was.
Even in my modest setup Sarum T was a no contest thing compared to the others and I hope I don`t need to look at speakercables ever again.

I certainly agree with you, it`s a costly cable and everyone should have a listen for themselves and make their own opinion. To me and also based on what I paid for it, they became rather special.


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Thanks for the quick response. I didn’t read the thread where you shared your impressions. Is the Sarum T truly a significant improvement over the Epic and NACA5? If you still have the Epic or NACA5 with you, are you able to reinstate the cables and listen again?

Due to the current lockdown Im currently doing an extensive comparison between the Chord Signature TA and XL cables with the standard Naim ones by reinstating the latter. First round of comparison this morning and the results were inconclusive. I suppose I messed up as I swapped both interconnects and speaker cable(NACA5) around the same time. I should have just compared the interconnects first and leave the speaker cables out until I’m finished with the comparison.

I still have the NAca5, will see if I can make a listen again.


If it is too much of a hassle then don’t bother. I will post my impressions once I’m done with the comparison. I suspect it will take 2 to 3 days just to be sure.

I presume you are still using the standard Naim cables which connect the components - 282, Hicap and 250DR.

Yes, standard cables.

I’ve just completed the cable comparison between Chord Signature Tuned Aray and standard Naim. It has been a rather arduous task but in the end, the Chord still prevailed although the difference is not as significant as I expected it to be.

I don’t intend to move from my NAC 282, NAP 250DR and Hicap DR. That’s for sure. It’s end game for me although there is the 252 and 552. Your experience with the Sarum T had got me curious.

Next up I will compare the NACA5 to the Chord Signature XL after this, but I need to give my ears a rest after all the hard work earlier with the interconnects. It’s surely not an easy task picking up the differences.

FWIW I may consider trading in all my Chord Signature TA and XL for the Sarum T speaker cable, hence my question earlier.

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