Super Superuniti

If you have a NAS on your network installing bubblesoft will allow you to bring in Tidal lossless and transcode to wav which will provide a good uplift in SQ. You’ll need to use the Linn or similar control app which can be a turn off for some.

Thank you but I’m already somewhat confused by the options and the terminology (my fault, not any of yours!) (also my SU is nowhere near my router). So I think I will go down the CD transport route!!!

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I am doing it the precise same way as Actionjackson does it, using a Unitiserve. Ripping CDs is a piece of cake. Its software is a bit old-fashioned though but still does the job.
And there is no need to use a NAS or bubblesoft or whatever to bring in Tidal lossless, the SU runs Tidal with full quality by default. Not MQA, but this is debatable anyway.

I have friends who refuse to believe cords and cables make a difference, except one friend who without hearing believed.

He used to be involved in high grade, top secret arms manufacturing* for HMG . Cables and connectivity were very important to product performance and understood right away and explained to me the expense the government would go to

*It’s a very local big employer based in Aldermaston

The reason BubbleUPnP Server has been a popular workaround for first gen Naim streamers is because it improves both sound quality and reliability. I even gave it another try on my 2nd gen streamer recently and found that it gave a small SQ improvement there too.

I started my streaming with a Superuniti, later adding a UnitiQute plus NAP100. Both most enjoyable. Ah, the joys of ripping 2000 or so CDs :).

Great thread. I looked at a SuperUniti back then but went another way. It was tempting at the time, for sure.

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