Knowledgeable people tell me, Supercap will be able to feed in addition to NAC 252 and Headline? And if so, what kind of cord is needed for this and how is it connected?

The Supercap can only power the 252.

You will need separate power for the Headline.
iSupply or NAPSC directly; or
Flatcap, Hi-Cap or Supercap with a SLIC cable.

You could power the headline from the 252, using the powered aux input normally used for phono stage

Didn’t know that.
Would the OP need a SLIC for that too?

Understood. So a separate power supply is still needed.

NO, don’t do that. It creates an earth loop that impairs overall performance.

The powered AUX2 is only for a Naim phono stage.

Yes, either a NAPSC, Flatcap, Hicap, or Supercap. All bar the NAPSC require a SLIC lead for use with the Headline.

probably redundant for a Headline.

You should try it…

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I’ve now got a Uniti directly into Headline/Supercap and it sounds very good.
Just organising a better source.

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Having a spare Supercap2 doing nothing, I’m tempted Richard!
Would have to sit on the carpet or an isolation board for a ‘just see’ Try out, but I’d think that’s OK just for that…hmmm…

Definitely try it.

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@steviebee I for one would be interested to hear your views on this one.

I’ll try and get it set up before or over the weekend.
Need to check if I have the right cables…

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Ahhh, you will need the slic cable which is fairly specific to the Headline I think. I guess its something you know if you have or not vs a more normal snaic!

I have a SLIC :slight_smile:
Headline’s using a HCDR at present. We’ll see how it compares to SC2…if I can hear a difference (cloth ears!)

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Now there’s an amusing afternoon’s entertainment…unplug the SNAXO Burndy and, I assume, use the usual SLIC from Supercap socket 2 to provide power, with the signal still coming direst from the 82’s tape output?

@steviebee excellent!! I had a HiCap DR on my HL2 and it was good but never exceptional. I always wanted to know what a SuperCap would have done! Iblook forward to your report!

Supercap on Headline is sooooo good!


This is understandable. Is it possible to connect all this together with 252?
Although I decided to connect NAPSC to Headline, and Supercap to 252.
I think this is optimal, or not?