You would need a Supercap for the NAC252 and another Supercap for the Headline. A Supercap should only be used to power one piece of equipment.

Got out the Supercap2 to warm it up… and it occurred to me (being a bit slow on techie stuff), why not swap out the HiCapDR from SN3 and try that? So…plan is, see whether the Headline or the SN3 reap the most benefit from the SC.

Keep the SCDR for the Superline, natch…

This should be fun, when I get round to it!
Where’s all my Manuals & Connections PDFs…:smiley:




Blimey. Either my HiCapDR needs a service (possible), or it just got sunk by the SuperCap2.

I only intended a very quick ‘let’s just see’ comparison, so only played two songs, using my Audeze LCD3: Box Of Rain/Grateful Dead and Bowie’s Five Years. Volume the same each time.

More listening needed (not absolutely sure I need to) but just on this quick listen with SC2: everything is placed and layered more ‘naturally’, more detail (Jerry’s voice was clearer as were the handclaps, in Box of Rain, as an example) and sense of solidity and…rightness musically. Both tracks each just came together, and I just…relaxed…into the mysti…er, music! Well…knock me down with a large haddock.

I did intend trying the SC2 on the SN3, but based on this admittedly short and non-scientific session, I don’t think I’ll be reconnecting the Headline to the HiCap…or want to.

To be fair, I am going to check the ages of the HC and the SC -it could be that the HC is older and in need of a service*. But right now, I’m not sure I care!

Having an early night, but you betcha I’ll continue the listening tomorrow…

*But… the SC2, being non DR, must be older?


so it turns out the Headline is best played with a Supercap? And not too expensive power supply to it?
If only a Headline feed?

I think best may be so. If nothing else, my ever so short first impression surprised me as to how good a Supercap seemed to be. In the cold light of day, I’m thinking I must go back and listen again. I’m not sure doing stuff like this when tired is the best idea!

But last night it seemed good. Very, very good.
Although I still do wonder if my HCDR is not performing at its best.

And sorry for the thread hijack, @AlexSan!
I’ve never had a NAPSC (tho a friend is VERY pleased with it on his 202) or, sadly, a 252!

Stevie, I think a Supercap will definitely outperform any Hicap, even a Hicap DR.

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Yes Richard - I think I’m just still surprised by how much!

And now the awful spectre of “what would it bring to my SN3?” is lurking, lol…I may need another Supercap! Eek…

Edit…listening to Khruangbin Live, that’s it
SC2 stays. Just lovely…
Makes my Audeze/Headline shine.

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Qobuz hi-res -> Rasberry Pi4 / Bubble UPnP -> Uniti 1 -> Headline / SC -> Sennheiser HD700 -> Me

Me = :grinning:

Violectric HPA V281 with the relay volume control inbound from Italy (B-Stock), looking forward to the comparison.

ND5 XS2 on order to replace the Unit1 as source.

So, another question, dear forumchane! Does it make sense to buy a superсap of the 2004-2005 model year? What problems can I expect?

It’ll be 16 years old, so if unserviced recently I would suggest budgeting to have that done. Otherwise, there’s very little to go wrong with a Supercap.

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Understood. Collect on Supercap DR.
Let’s take our time.

Well, SuperCap is coming, so I have a question-how do I connect HiCap to Headline? Which cord I understand, I don’t understand in which sockets in HiCap.

Hi-Cap socket 4 with SLIC to power the Headline.
252 tape out to Headline’s captive signal cable.


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