Supercap DR Buzzing Noise

Hi there, thanks and yes, I think it is therefore the mains.

I have tried switching off all the circuits in the house except for the one in lounge where the system is and then unplugged everything else except the SCDR and it still makes the same, loud buzzing noise. What I find strange is that I have checked the voltage and the wiring in the socket and it all seems fine.

My conclusion is that one of my neighbours uses wifi extenders over their mains. The reason I think this is a relatively amusing story…

In my previous house, I used these…and for about 2-3 months my broadband connection was terrible and kept on cutting in and out. Eventually, my doorbell rang and 3 Virgin Media engineers were at the doorstep asking if they could check my connection.

It turns out everyone in Hertfordshire within a 20-mile radius of me had been having the same problem and, after significant investigation, they had pinpointed the issue to my house!

After about 2-3 hours of them scratching their heads and the head of the network operations centre (NOC) also coming out, I asked them if it could be the Wi-Fi over mains extender…We unplugged it and the technician at the NOC they had on the phone very excitedly shouted out all interference had disappeared…

They actually apologised to me as Virgin was recommending and selling the devices at the time…I think they were also slightly embarrassed they had not worked it out for themselves…

Anyway…bloody neighbours :roll_eyes:


ps. I got the SCDR second hand on eBay from Acoustica and they verified they tested it and it works perfectly. I have also asked a friend who lives not too far away if I can take it over at the weekend to test at their house :+1:

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Good plan. :+1:

Hi all, without wanting to open up this whole discussion again, I had a quick question about what might be causing the buzzing - I got my Supercap DR second hand from eBay. It is in fantastic condition and sounds great; but looking at images online I noticed that it is missing the link plugs/caps that seem to be fitted as standard.

Could this be causing the Supercap to use too many inputs/outputs and therefore cause the transformer to buzz? Sorry, I am not technical, but my understanding is that removing link plugs informs Naim gear to use those ports?

They’re not link plugs on the Supercap, just plastic socket covers, so it’s not going to affect the Supercap performance (or the buzzing noise you are getting) with these missing.


What was the outcome of this…?

A very valid thing to check, IMHO. Poor mains is usually the cause of Naim units buzzing.

As @james_n says - there are no Link Plugs for a SuperCap. Or any other Naim PS… :thinking:

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Indeed. One of the benefits of owning Naim kit is the ability to easily monitor the quality of your local mains supply, sometimes even from the comfort of your own sofa :roll_eyes::wink:

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If you are having issues with a supercap in the manner you described, then the very next thing you should do, is have your mains and wiring installation thoroughly checked by a qualified electrician.

You mentioned that you were previously advised that you had an old installation. If you don’t have a bang up to date installation certificate, it is important to do so for several reasons. I have heard of this occurring in general, not specifically with Naim kit.

The most important is to protect you and your family and to fulfil your obligations to your insurer. Once you have reached that point, you will know as to whether the Naim unit in question is a contributory factor.

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If you are lucky to find or know a good and honest electrician. Good luck with that, specially here in France. Don’t know how it’s in UK but would be surprised if it’s different.

Valid point, which I appreciate is sadly the case. Electricians are perhaps a little easier to find than some of the trades in uk. IIRC more than half uk plumbers are well into their fifties. Conversations in the last few days, suggest that many professional trades have excess work and will only accept new introductions through existing contacts / connections including surveyors and the like.
You will appreciate FR, that recommendations or introductions are the best and sometimes only way to gain a new tradesman.
Sparky I use was a recommendation and he recognises that I know my limits (whole house re-wire, but I always wish to follow regulations,) but I also know how to troubleshoot, so that he can just check and confirm or implement best action.
Of any trade except gas, electricity is probably the one that now is the most sophisticated in terms of the measurement and assessment to given standards.

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I agree that recommendations should help, but not always.
I have a neighbour who recommended me a very good plumber. Unfortunately he was a non honest one and we lost some money for nothing.
My hifi dealer recommended me a good electrician. He comes next week. Let’s see.
I will share.

I totally agree!

I will do some research re an electrician; but if anyone has used somebody good in London I would appreciate the recommendation. Especially if they have experience of using someone to do a separate mains spur. Thank you in advance.