Supercap DR cables

I just bought a secondhand Supercap DR to upgrade my 282. I currently have a Hicap DR and use a Chord Chorus Reference SNAIC with it. I also have the original Naim SNAIC. When I get the Supercap DR does it matter which cable I use for which connection when using two SNAICs to the 282.

Once I sell my Hicap DR I’ll need to get another SNAIC. I’m thinking either the Naim SNAIC or maybe a Witchhat. The Chord cable I have is long discontinued so I don’t have much confidence getting a second one.


Congrats Dean! 252 next or are you done?

Who’s ever done?

No, this is it for a while. My wife let me get NDX2, XPSDR and now Supercap DR in as many months. She needs a break from it all. :rofl:


Only the Naim SNAICs are allowed to be mentioned on the forum so the previous mentions of non Naim ones may get removed by the moderator. They are not interconnects but also power cables. I think it has been mentioned a few times that as specialist component cables, use on non Naim SNAIC may also invalidate the warranty on the 282 and SuperCap (if any is left).

So to be vague enough to not fall foul of forum rules, I’ll simply say both SNAICs should be of the exact same type. Since removing the link plug and using the second SNAIC allows the 282 left and right rails to be fed separately, it is important to have matching cables with identical properties.

As FZ has correctly posted above, Fake SNAICs are unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment and thus cannot be recommended by Naim. Please see the forum FAQ for correct genuine SNAIC ID info.

It’s best to have matched SNAICs where you’re using a NAC282 with a Supercap, so make sure bothe are the later black variant. Mixing a grey SNAIC with a black SNAIC is not recommended.

Wow, you move fast, I think I suggested a SCDR to replace your HCDR. I think you responded, maybe a year or two. But in any event, congratulations.

Out of curiosity, what year did you get? I think they came out in 2012. When I joined the Forum, the conversation was:

A. 2 HC vs HCDR (2012)

Now you can actually decide how narrow the gap is for yourself, and pass that information on to members like myself!

Thanks In Advance!

PS. Yes the rules of the Forum can be quite tricky, FZ is very helpful. I’m still learning the rules!
I think my replies were edited for mentioning the Naims of other products! Mr. Richard Dane has his hands full policing the Forum!

Well I did HCdr to SCdr on a 282 and felt it was excellent. No real change to my ears at the mid-top end of the spectrum but the increased clarity on the bottom was great. With the HCdr you could clearly hear the bass lines of a mean bass guitar. With the SCdr, you now heard the bass lines being “played”. Soundstage also went more front to back. A lot of stuff took a step further into the room. I guess the sound stage oval became closer to a circle.

Sounds good, my predicament was a little different, because I would eventually need a SC for a future Snaxo! But since I got you on line, when mentioning Chord’s products Hugo, etc…

What’s a safe guideline, as not to call foul!

Thank you @Richard.Dane, and my apologies. I certainly don’t intend to violate forum rules. I will get a proper matched set of SNAICs. I will lose the one I have when I sell my Hicap DR.

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The one I bought is recent, a 2018 model. The seller says he only took it out of the box a few weeks ago, so it probably isn’t even broken in yet. He is selling a complete 252/SC/250 + NDX2/XPS + Fraim system.

Someone suggested to me previously I get a 555PS for my NDX2, but I also have an analog front end. For the money I think the XPSDR + SCDR is the much better option since the NDX2 gets a lift on two accounts and the vinyl benefits from a lift in SQ as well.

I previously upgraded my HC to HCDR, but can’t say what the gap is because I did the 250-2 at the same time plus service for everything , including 282/NAPSC.

That sounds fair enough to me.


For my money I think the 282/HC > 282/SC is a greater step change than 282/SC > 252/SC. However, I’m open to the latter if someone would like to indulge me!




To be fair I went from 282 > SC DR to 552 DR and the 282 combo while different was totally able to hold its own against the 552. The 552 is of course better but its definitely worth getting those cables right as its wonderful when set up correctly. I found a Powerline also made a nice difference on the SC, just taking a sliver of harshness away.


I stop at the 282/SCDR anyway, and even if I had funds for more upgrades, 300DR would be next on my list.

I received the SCDR today. It’s a 2018 model and seller says he only took it out of the box recently, so I think it may not even be broken in yet.

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After my Olive SC was serviced it was still improving for a couple of months. Enjoy your new upgrade. :blush:

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When I went from a 202 to a 282 about 6 years ago it was such an impactful change I really had to wrap my head around it, and get used to the change in how my music sounds (all for the better mind you). It was somewhat startling. I think the change from a HCDR to the SCDR is similar. Wow!

Sound stage is vastly improved. More in the room, more forward, better definition. Bass has more weight and definition – almost like the improvement from 250-2 to 250DR. Midrange so much more lush and refined, without sacrificing detail. Upper ranges with greater clarity and smoothness. I notice it more with my vinyl rig than my NDX2/XPS. Nice!

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I’d agree with all your observations and in particular Steve’s comment about the removal of the slight harshness that my ears seem to be (overly?) sensitive to. I’m not sure if you have a Powerline to the SCDR but that also made for a noticeable benefit. Anyway, enjoy!

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Later this year or next year I plan to have installed a dedicated electric subpanel with separate ground for my system. I will revisit power products for the components after that, but not before, In the meantime I have the AV Options SuperWiremold Deep-Cryo 9 outlet strip and TibiaPlus12 power cables for all the Naim PSU/250DR except the NAPSC. They are a bit of a step up from the stock power cables.

I may try a Nordost Heimdall II power cable and see how it performs.


I think it’s fair to say the improvement going from HCDR to SCDR on a 282 is at least as significant as it was for me going from 202/HC to 282/HC. It’s also about as signifant an improvement as when I added the XPS to my NDX2.

A while back someone suggested I add a 555PS to my NDX2 instead of the XPS. I didn’t want to do that since vinyl is my primary source and that upgrade would be meaningless for it. I wonder now what’s better (disregarding analog sources)? Adding XPSDR and SCDR to a 282/NDX2 system or leaving the HC and adding 555PS.

IOW: NDX2/XPSDR + 282/SCDR vs. NDX2/555PS + 282/HCDR

I wouldn’t have a clue, but I really wanted to make a lateral upgrade and see just how narrow that gap is between HCDR & SCDR!

Now you are in the catbird’s seat!

Enjoy your new SCDR!!!

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