SuperCap Dr or NAP 300 Dr

I am currently using a set-up consisting of 282/HiCap Dr/250 Dr/NDX 2/XPS Dr. Loudspeakers are Focal Kanta 2. Music is played through Roon Rock accessing a NAS, Tidal and Qobuz. Very, very pleased but if anyway possible I’d appreciate even a bit more detail and directness. I am considering now either a SuperCap Dr to replace the HiCap or replace the 250 Dr with a 300 Dr. Any advice here?

In the end I want to grow to a 252/SC/300 anyway, but that will be in steps and probably over a period of 2-3 years. For me it’s worth understanding what would be my best upgrade in my current situation.

Hello, I have a 282/Supercap DR with a 300 DR. Out of those 2 options the 300 DR will make the biggest percieved change to your system. It will litterally double your speakers size! Supercap is also a great upgrade but for me it was not like adding the 300.

I would also consider, based on bang for buck, looking at Super Lumina Interconnect and Speaker Cable combo plus powerlines if the budget allows (not the XLR yet if you plan on going to 300). This way you have another option but the SL cables do something that the other 2 options don’t and you may like the extra detail they recover seeing as you have a great system already. Just a thought. Adding powerlines to everything, including the NAPSC made a black box level upgrade to me in my system. Everything just got so much smoother and easier to listen to.

I had a.282, initially with a Hicap DR which I later changed to a Supercap DR. To my ears, the Supercap delivered all the benefits that you mentioned as well as providing a more refined sound. It sounds like you have a gameplan in mind in terms of want to be in a few years time and if like me you are considering buying used or ex-demo, then it may be case of seeing which opportunity/bargain comes up first.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. My dealer gave me a pair of SuperLumina loudspeaker cables last week but I couldn’t test them: too short. My system is « next » to the speakers and not « in the middle », so I need at least 4meters instead of the demo pair of 3m. Currently use Naca5

I don’t use PowerLines but instead have a PowerIgel. Also all the rest (swith, ethernet cables etc is maxed out.

My dealer also suggested the 300Dp. I asked for an offer trading my 8 months 250Dr. They offer me 3500€ on it which means a depreciation of 1350€ in 8 months ! So, I need to think about that to be honest.


Makes sense; second hand is definitely an option. Yet here in Belgium I barely find 300dr or SuperCapDr offered. There are some on the types of eBay but they have prices way too low. I responded and checked and at least three offers were fake. The inly site I trust is a German audio trade site.

I will call around some dealers and see if they have demo’s they can sell

Similar to my system - i went from NDX/282/HCDR/200

to 300 and then had the DR fitted to 300, superb presense detail, focus and separation - real control on the 300DR love it

I am now looking for SCDR on the 282 before looking for 252 when budget allows -

the 300DR is a truly stunning AMP

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if your rom is under 17/18 m2, the 300dr can give too much bass boom. It did that for me. If not, the 300dr will give more improvements vs the supercap.

Both the SCdr and 300 are superb options…

Eventually you will want both …

My upgrade route, and decision making process, came down to the best deal I could find at the time…

Whatever you decide, it’s a win win situation…


i did not tried the supercap on my past 282, just hicap. I read recently here that some doesn’t like the supercap on the 282, preferring the hicap. Better try before…

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First off, I would not spend on Super Lumina cables when you’re not able to spend on the upgrades to 252/SC/300. I would leave the SL upgrades until after that!

My guess is that with Kanta 2 speakers, the biggest improvement from one box would be the 300DR. But it’s just a guess, really.


My room is 65m2 so probably a 300dr will have the space to breath. Probaly will try that one first, and later a Supercap @frenchrooster

so , in such a room, you will love your 300dr! You can try also isoacoustics gaia under your speakers: you will have more details, openness, fluidity, firmer bass, for little cash.

I’ve recently gone from 282/HicapDR/250DR to 252/SupercapDR/300DR, with SL2 speakers.
When I tried the Supercap on the 282/250 combo I found the improvement to be very worthwhile, but it was mainly in resolution combined with a smoothing off of a little harshness I was experiencing.
When I tried the 300DR with the 282/HicapDR combo I found the improvement to be transformative. The 300DR is more resolving, driving, tuneful…etc.
Given that you aspire to the full 252/Supercap/300 then I would recommend the step to be 300DR first, then Supercap, then 252 and you will enjoy every step,

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Hi Iver,

I moved from 282/HiCap/250DR/mostly stock cables to 252/SuperCapDR/250DR/SuperLumina full loom. The upgrade order was SuperCapDR, SL IC, SL speaker cables, 252, SL DIN-XLR, but in the middle of the amplification/cable upgrades, I chose to upgrade from NDX to NDS/555DR.

I would suggest it doesn’t matter whether you go SuperCapDR or 300DR first, and let the availability of good second hand/ex demo units decide for you. You can see that I chose to upgrade my source before (as yet) my power amp, but this is a personal choice. Your Kanta 2s should however lap up the 300 DR’s extra resolution and grip.

All I would say is don’t forget the source and cables in your plans and try to demo as much as possible, although I do understand this is not so easy in your country.

Enjoy the journey.


@frenchrooster … good tip !

Hi Iver, I agree with NigelB, it probably doesn’t matter which of the 2 upgrades you choose at you system level, they will both enhance your sound quality and listening enjoyment. For me, I choose the SupercapDR, and are very happy with this. Do not rule out the Superlumina cables, these are a significant upgrade (IMHO)


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